Megyn Kelly Gets Booed in Hollywood, Comments on Ailes, Trump

Dec 8, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Megyn Kelly, host of the Fox News program “The Kelly File,” appeared Wednesday at the annual Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment breakfast, where she was warmly received — until she brought up Donald Trump.

Kelly “had kind things to say about Michelle Obama (‘who set the example for us all in standing up for her convictions’) and Hillary Clinton (‘who broke a barrier no one has ever done in America’) and Melania Trump (‘who was slut-shamed … but she held her head high’),” USA Today reports. “Kelly also made reference to Roger Ailes, commending her female colleagues at Fox News who ‘at great risk to their livelihoods brought down a very powerful, serial sexual harasser.'”

But when the topic turned to Donald Trump, Kelly’s feel-good comments met with resistance.

“I have high hopes for him,” Kelly said. “Despite the tweets and all the rest of it there is much to admire about Donald Trump.”

A number of the Hollywood insiders in the audience booed Kelly’s Trump comments, prompting Kelly to single out comedian Kathy Griffin, who had raised her middle finger, according to the report.

Kelly eventually finished her point, saying of Trump: “There is much to admire about him, and I think the more we understand that and understand why he won this election, the better off we’ll be as a country and understand each other.”


  1. Good old irrepressible Kathy Griffin….

  2. She got booed by rich, out-of-touch liberals, that don’t understand why anyone could possibly vote for Donald Trump. If the “Haves” of the Democratic Party doesn’t get their head out their butt and realize that CA and NY are not the center of the universe, we won’t ever win back the White House or Congress. People are tired of getting lied to by our last Pres. Hillary may have been the one whose name was on the ballot but this loss was as much Obamas as it was Hillarys.

  3. Kelly is so overrated…not a fan

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