Trump Lashes Out at NBC News

Dec 12, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Donald Trump offered a harsh critique of NBC’s news coverage Sunday night after the network criticized the president-elect.

NBC “put him on blast for not taking daily intelligence briefings and his blatant dismissal of the CIA’s findings of Russian interference in the US election,” The New York Post reports.

Trump responded with a tweet saying: “Just watched @NBCNightlyNews — So biased, inaccurate and bad, point after point. Just can’t get much worse, although @CNN is right up there!”

Earlier in the evening, NBC’s Kate Snow covered an issue that has arisen over Trump’s alleged reluctance to bother with intelligence briefings.

Trump is quoted saying of the briefings: “I get it when I need it. I don’t have to be told — you know, I’m like a smart person. I don’t have to be told the same thing in the same words every single day for the next eight years … I don’t need that. But I do say if something should change, let us know.”


  1. A pompous fool; I can’t bring myself to calling this clown “President” Trump. We’ll have to dig in, hunker down and hope against hope that he either quits or has a heart attack. Otherwise, it’s four years of chaos and pain.

  2. God, he’s SO full of crap. #notmyfuehrer

  3. All of you who don’t like Mr. Trump should sell all of your stock now, before it goes any higher.

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