Trump’s Latest Media War: What One Publication Did to Spark the President-Elect’s Twitter Hate

Dec 15, 2016  •  Post A Comment

The latest target of angry tweets in President-elect Donald Trump’s ongoing media war is the publication Vanity Fair, which apparently got under his skin with a bad review of the Trump Grill.

While media stalwarts from CNN to MSNBC to The New York Times to The Washington Post to NBC News have all found themselves in Trump’s crosshairs at various times, TheBlaze notes that Trump has had unkind things to say about Vanity Fair for years. But Vanity Fair’s review of the New York eatery in the lobby of Trump Tower, published Wednesday, appears to have crossed a line.

One passage from the review by Tina Nguyen, a reporter for The Hive who covers politics and the media, quotes Fran Lebowitz, speaking at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit, saying Trump is “a poor person’s idea of a rich person — They see him. They think, ‘If I were rich, I’d have a fabulous tie like that.’”

Nguyen adds: “Nowhere, perhaps, does this reflection appear more accurate than at Trump Grill (which is occasionally spelled Grille on various pieces of signage).”

The restaurant review, which runs under the headline “Trump Grill could be the worst restaurant in America — and it reveals everything you need to know about our next president,” clearly caught Trump’s attention. He sent out a Tweet this morning targeting the magazine and its editor, Graydon Carter.

“Has anyone looked at the really poor numbers of @VanityFair Magazine. Way down, big trouble, dead! Graydon Carter, no talent, will be out!,” Trump tweeted.

TheBlaze notes that the bad blood between Vanity Fair and Trump didn’t just surface this week. The report quotes a comment by Carter published just after the election last month in which he wrote: “Only in America could a man whose staff took away his Twitter account be given the nuclear codes.”

But the feud goes back well before November. TheBlaze also posted parts of a Twitter tirade by Trump against Vanity Fair back in 2012.

As for the food at the Trump Grill, among Nguyen’s many scathing comments, this one may sum up her reaction to it. Calling the food “slop,” she notes: “As soon as I got home, I brushed my teeth twice and curled up in bed until the nausea passed.”


  1. Yeah, this guy’s gonna do great when there are boots on the ground. And there’s just gonna love him too.

  2. Hillary was a completely flawed candidate. She did not campaign well. Even with twice as much money, the current administration helping her (Obama supposedly keeping Russia’s hacking secret because he thought Hillary would win), the media acting as part of her campaign and Trump saying stupid things – the NOT HILLARY still won the election! Yes Trump had his dedicated supporters but it was the people that voted for the NOT HILLARY that decided the election. From the moment he won the Democrats that would vote for any candidate with a “D” after their name have gone off the deep end! “The sky is falling!” The idiotic claims, the canceling of exams at schools, the news media trying to gain a tiny bit of relevance all make the situation even more surreal. Virtually every government (municipality, state and federal) run by Democrats for any length of time has declined. More crime, more taxes, crumbling cities, corruption and on and on. Before you say BS – check it out! Eventually enough people stopped drinking the KoolAid and voted for the NOT HILLARY. Suck it up – you lost. Now settle down and let’s all hope we see the repairs to this great nation start.

  3. I think a Wall Street Journal columnist summed it up best when he noted the choice this election was between a clown and a crook. I chose the clown reluctantly while holding my nose. I wonder if “none of the above” had been choice how that would have turned out? I have been disappointed that the man can’t seem to get control of himself, someone needs to disable his twitter account at once. He’s acting like the school yard bully or the whining kid complaining that someone stole his lunch money – not appropriate for the soon to be leader of the free world. He’s already begun to waffle on too many important items, is he going to separate himself from his business empire – giving it to his kids is just bullshit and an insult to our intelligence. He makes a big deal about upcoming important announcement then delays them at the last minute; he needs to get his act together. Now, having said all of that his chief redeeming quality is he’s not Hilary.

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