Actor Kills Himself on Facebook Live

Jan 26, 2017  •  Post A Comment

An aspiring actor broadcast his suicide this week on Facebook Live. The Mercury News reports that Frederick Jay Bowdy, 33, was found dead Monday morning in a car parked on a street in North Hollywood.

Bowdy had reportedly shot himself in the head, streaming the act in real time on Facebook Live. The LAPD would not discuss the incident, the Mercury News reports.

Bowdy had reportedly been arrested last Friday at his apartment complex in Canyon Country in the northern L.A. area following the filing of a domestic violence complaint by his female companion. Authorities were also said to be looking into a possible sexual assault, the Mercury News reports.

Bowdy, who has several minor film and TV credits on IMDb as Jay Bowdy, reportedly posted $100,000 bail to secure his release from jail.

Bowdy’s suicide follows a similar incident over the weekend in which a 14-year-old girl reportedly hanged herself to death from a shower door frame using a noose made from a scarf. The girl, who was living in a foster home in the Miami area, reportedly broadcast her suicide via a live-stream.


  1. How ironic. We know him NOW.

  2. Guy had six kids, dreamed of playing in the NBA and an “aspiring” actor? Maybe he should have gone out and gotten a real job to support his kids rather than make six kids and dream to levels he could never reach.

    Six kids…you gotta be kidding.

    • For your information he was semi-pro to be in the NBA then got a knee injury for one. And for 2 he was a great actor booking a lot of films and a movie that I was also cast in. Acting is a real job me and him both were booking acting jobs left and right so just because it’s not a career for everyone don’t shun the ones who are actually successful. Also he was doing a great job to take care of his kids and wife, he also had a masters degree. So if you don’t know what your talking about cause you don’t know him keep it to yourself. He reached all his goals and his future was set in stone for success.

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