Another Performer Drops Out of Trump Inauguration Event — Out of Respect to a Music Superstar

Jan 17, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Donald Trump has had another performer cancel on him — and this one’s all about Bruce Springsteen.

Rolling Stone reports that the B-Street Band, a Springsteen tribute band that has been playing almost 200 shows a year since 1980, announced it won’t be appearing as scheduled at the Jan. 19 Garden State Presidential Inaugural Gala.

Will Forte, the group’s 63-year-old keyboard player, manager, agent and publicist, indicated that the group became uncomfortable with media reports associating the band with Trump. “There were misleading headlines like, ‘Trump Hires B-Street Band.'” Forte said. “We felt like we were out on our own on an island.”

Rolling Stone adds: “If the B-Street Band pledge allegiance to anyone, it’s Springsteen, who has repeatedly voiced his anger and disgust at the president-elect. (Forte half-jokingly said of the B-Street Band last week, ‘I don’t even know if they have any politics.'”)

Forte said the decision to pull out of the gala was made out of respect to Springsteen.

“We owe everything to [Springsteen] and our gratitude and respect to the band is imperative above all else,” said Forte, adding: “We had to make it known that we didn’t want to seem disrespectful, in any way, shape or form, to Bruce and his music and his band.”


  1. Well I just can’t get enough of this. Now cover bands are backing out!

    By the way, I only find this so entertaining because I know that Trump would be the first person to ridicule a President Elect who failed to draw an impressive talent lineup for his (or her) inauguration. It’s exactly the type of shallow, superficial way he would measure someone else’s success, and just the type of thing we all know is so important to him, which makes this all the more delightful. Here’s hoping his term as President is filled with many more similarly humbling experiences.

  2. Oh Please!! Hollywood looks for opportunities to show how lefty liberal they are! For some unknown reason “tallent” thinks that fame equals knowledge! These people generally earn their living reading scripts other people write for them. Our “teleprompter” soon to be ex-president who relied on that machine to get elected is basically just a performer reading the scripts his handlers required. Not all “actors” are ill informed agents of a liberal elite, Ronald Reagan was successful but first he changed political parties and divorced himself from liberal Hollywood. Trump has much of the same history. Hopefully he will be as successful at rebuilding the country.

  3. Can’t stand springsteen. Never liked the E Street Band. Can’t imagine the “B Street Band” would be anything to get excited about since they’re nothing but a pale copy of the foul smelling gruel bruce and the boys put out. I’m looking forward to seeing the Talladega College Marching Band.

    • I love it when somebody goes to the trouble to proudly crow about how he or she just doesn’t get it. Then on top of it brags about wanting to watch a college marching band, just in case the point wasn’t already clear enough! You, Sir W., are the Kraft Macaroni gourmet of music.

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