Fox Rejects Super Bowl Ad That Includes a Giant Border Wall

Jan 19, 2017  •  Post A Comment

A commercial submitted to Fox to run during the Super Bowl was rejected for being too controversial, Ad Age reports. The spot for the family-owned construction supply company 84 Lumber reportedly included a depiction of a border wall.

The imagery was apparently too reminiscent of Donald Trump’s pledge to build a huge wall along the Mexican border.

The report quotes Michael Brunner, CEO of the Brunner agency that created the spot, saying: “Fox rejected our original commercial because they determined that some of the imagery, including ‘the wall,’ would be too controversial. So we went back and revised the spot to make it acceptable to them.”

Fox has reportedly approved the new version, and 84 Lumber is expected to run its first Super Bowl ad, a 90-second spot that will air before halftime of the Feb. 5 game — with the airtime valued at about $15 million.

Brunner said the rejected ad will still see the light of day, with 84 Lumber planning to release it online the day before the Super Bowl.

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  1. Really?

    Clearly there is no sense of humor at Fox… or maybe they’re just terrified of possible negative fallout from the new administration, because they have no sense of humor either?

    I wonder what’s going through the minds of that majority (50% plus) of U.S. voters? You know, those who didn’t vote. The ones every elected official ought to be terrified of and check their assumptions about. Because… not voting FOR your opponent does not mean they support you.

    Maybe they’re waiting to see how things go the next four years.

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