‘SNL’ Writer Under Fire for Tweet About Trump’s Youngest Son

Jan 23, 2017  •  Post A Comment

A writer for the NBC late-night sketch show “Saturday Night Live” caused an uproar on social media with a tweet she sent out about Donald Trump’s youngest son.

The tweet from Katie Rich, sent out Friday, said: “Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.” The message about the 10-year-old has since been deleted.

“The message was left up for about three hours before Rich deleted it,” The New York Post reports. “Facing a firestorm of criticism, she then made her Twitter account private, blocking public viewing of it.”

Rich, 33, has been a writer for “SNL” since 2013.

“Other Twitter users slammed Rich for targeting the child, with some calling her a ‘piece of trash’ and others calling for a boycott of NBC, which airs ‘SNL,'” The Post adds.


  1. not surprising considering the politics of the “comedy” show

  2. Rich isn’t the only one. A Comedy Central writer also called Barron a Date Rapist to Be.

    It’s super funny to make fun of kids. The laughs, oh the endless laughs. Hahahahahahahaha.


    Not a Trump fan, but don’t target people’s kids.

  3. Fire her ! end of story!

    • Fire you, Trumpette! The more satire and jabs at the big boob, the better. Long live SNL and Katie Rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock on, Katie!

  4. Amen Debbie Clark-todd !! There should be ZERO 2nd chances for a mistake of this magnitude. If she’s NOT fired, are we left with any other conclusion that the standing rule of leaving politicians’ Kids out of the line of fire only included the Clinton and Obama families??? (or Dems in general…I almost feel like Anthony Weiner should be treated like Huma’s KID !!! ).

    • Trump is an idiot with no business being in politics. He should resign now before he completely fucks up the country.

  5. Love it! All them trumpets are fair game–the more the merrier. Bring it on, SNL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Interesting. So the people that say bulling is horrible and must be stopped have no problem with adults bulling a 10 year old boy? I have no words. No wonder Trump won the election!

  7. She should be fired no way around it. She can take that nasty Baldwin jerk with her. It’s okay to bully a 10 year old boy. Karma is a bitch does she have any kids?

  8. Puh-lease. So when Trump gets in office, suddenly comedians have to stop using parody and sarcasm? Really? For you very slow Trumpers, the jab was actually at Trump. I guess it’s back to knock-knock jokes for the “Basket of Deplorables”!

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