Would a Parody About ISIS Be Funny? It’s Already Out There — Decide for Yourself

Jan 6, 2017  •  Post A Comment

The idea that ISIS might be fodder for comedy is being put to the test by a new sketch from the BBC called “Real Housewives of ISIS.” The sketch, produced as part of the satirical BBC2 series “Revolting,” has been getting a lot of buzz since it surfaced this week online.

Not surprisingly, a lot of that buzz has been negative. The New York Times reports that the clip has had millions of views on social media. “But it left viewers divided over whether a dark sendup of the Islamic State, one of the world’s most fearsome terrorist networks, was appropriate, much less funny — no matter what its creators intended,” The Times notes.

You can watch the sketch below.

The report quotes a Twitter user in London who wrote: “The BBC really made a satirical show called ‘The Real Housewives of ISIS’ while the real housewives of ISIS are being raped and abused daily.”

The Times adds: “Many critics said they could not countenance any effort to draw laughs out of — or even at the expense of — a group that has enslaved women and girls for sex, compelling them to use birth control; recruited other women, under false pretenses, to become wives and sex slaves for its fighters; enshrined a theology of rape in its teachings; and shot and tortured women who resisted.”

Others commenting on the bit have been supportive. A man who identified himself as Muslim wrote on the BBC2 Facebook page: “I like it. It’s making fun of ISIS which is a good thing. The whole point of satire is to bring people down to a level. If you can mock something, you’re not scared of it. ISIS want to be feared. Don’t give them that.”

Here’s the clip — we’d be interested to hear your thoughts …

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  1. I agree that this brings them down to a different level. However the writing could be a bit more hard hitting (like what has been used against Trump) . I am sure they don’t like this type of parody and if that bothers them it is alright by me.

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