CNN Boss Talks About How Attacks by Trump Are Affecting the Network

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At the same time that Donald Trump was delivering a scathing attack on the news media during a news conference today, Jeff Zucker, president of CNN worldwide, was delivering his own comments about CNN’s ongoing skirmishes with Trump.

“Zucker said he was worried enough about Trump’s labeling of CNN as ‘fake news’ through the campaign and after that he ordered a study last month to see if it had damaged the network’s reputation with viewers,” the AP reports. “He said it hadn’t, although CNN did not immediately release details of the survey.”

Zucker is quoted in the report saying: “The CNN brand has been as strong as it has ever been.” CNN executives, meanwhile, said the cable net had its most profitable year in 2016 and was on track to do even better this year.

“The administration has reportedly banned its officials from appearing on CNN, although there have been sporadic exceptions,” the story reports. “The dispute has been most apparent on Sundays, where on two weekends Vice President Mike Pence and presidential aide Stephen Miller were guests on other network political affairs shows but not on Jake Tapper’s CNN show, ‘State of the Union.'”

Zucker downplayed any impact the ban may be having, saying: “We don’t feel it’s hurt us in any way.”

Zucker said CNN’s ratings are up 51% year-to-year, which is unusual because ratings for news networks typically fall after a presidential election.

The AP notes that today’s Trump news conference included some barbs aimed at CNN. Trump said CNN’s 10 p.m. show, which is hosted by Don Lemon, “is almost exclusive anti-Trump.”

“I would be your biggest fan in the world if you treated me right,” Trump added. “I sort of understand there’s a certain bias, maybe by Jeff or somebody, you know, whatever reason. And I understand that. But you’ve got to be at least a little bit fair and that’s why the public sees it. They see it. They see it’s not fair. You take a look at some of your shows and you see the bias and the hatred.”


  1. What he meant to say was that his viewership among lefty trolls is very high. Among those of us in fly-over country who are white, rural and stupid, (and proud of it) not so much.

  2. Big red flag when someone thinks they aren’t being treated right.

  3. I am glad that you know who you are and your place in the world Fred.

  4. Hmmmm, Zucker says their viewership has not been damaged, based on their own internal survey. I bet most of us TV execs would love to tell agency buyers how great our ratings are based on “our own internal surveys”. I also must opine that if Trump officials are indeed appearing on some CNN shows, it would be “fake news” to report that the administration has banned officials from appearing on CNN.

  5. CNN is the MOST bias political entertainment organization currently broadcasting. News has not been a part of what they broadcast since Saddam Hussein went into hiding! They spoon feed liberal pablum to self described (and delusional) intellectuals that can’t take the fact that Hillary lost! CNN is their “safe place” where nobody says anything upsetting or that might be “micro harassment”, a dog whistle or code words! Bring your own hot chocolate!

  6. CNN should be praising and thanking Trump. Their ratings are up 51% because Trump continues to give them publicity and stories. Do they really think that their ratings would be up if Hillary had won. Thursday was a great example. Whether you like him or not he is entertaining and challenges the press and the Democrats to think about their positions and why they oppose him; and why half of the country supports him. How much coverage did CNN give to the grateful coal miners (the business that Hillary pledged to shut down) that met with Trump on Thursday?

  7. Great point about the coal miners Cleric !! That’s why CNN is FAKE NEWS !

  8. In my opinion,…Mr. Trump has not figured out that he won the election. He needs to stop campaigning and get down to the business of being President.

    Reggarding CNN, and other broadcast news organizations, everyone (those who support Trump and those who do not) should keep in mind that these networks livelihood is based on ratings success.

    Without ratings advertising agencies will not spend their clients money to advertise. The networks’ programming must appeal to viewers and they are quenching the viewing audience’s thirst by providing titiilating, headline grabbing, controverial, and voyeurist news in addition to hard news coverage.

    That said, there is an abundance of news outlets offering diverse and excellent programming for all points of view: ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS CNN, MSNBC, etc. If Mr. Trump or anyone else doesn’t like CNN or any other news outlets’ programming they can change the channel or turn off the set.

    Trump’s persistent news bashing, blaming Hilary and the Democrats, and whining that it’s “unfair” when the outcome does not go his way (to mention a few) is nothing more than a ruse to deflect attention from far more serious issues including his lack of experience on the domestic and international fronts, his and others questionable financial dealings and failure to be forthcoming with details, conflicts of interest and nepotism, inexperienced and self-serving staff and advisors.

    To conclude, it is easy for any politician to spout campaign rhetoric to excite the electorate. But the the chasm between concept and reality is as deep and wide as the ocean. Now, Mr. Trump must prove to “everyone”, that he can captain the ship because like it or not Donald Trump is EVERYONE’S President now. Right?

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  9. He is right……..Its time for CNNs to leave american soil………
    victory victory Donald Trump

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