Greta Van Susteren Tells Trump to ‘Back Off’

Feb 21, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Greta Van Susteren issued a strong rebuke to Donald Trump on her MSNBC show after Trump sent out a tweet Friday calling a number of major news outlets “the enemy of the American People.”

Trump aimed his remark at what he called “the fake news media,” identifying The New York Times, NBC News, ABC, CBS and CNN. You can see his tweet below.

Van Susteren said, “Mr. President, back off,” while she was wrapping her program, Deadline.com reports.

“Meanwhile, over at her former network, Fox News Channel, Trump was applauded and defended for the remark by Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly,” Deadline notes. “O’Reilly went with the argument the press is aligned ‘with a political movement’ and therefore is no longer objective or free. Hannity chose an even more incendiary argument, announcing the press has ‘declared war’ on Trump, while, via graphic, he took it further, proclaiming the ‘Propaganda Media’ had declared war on ‘America.’”

The report notes that Van Susteren suggested journalists must undertake “a vigorous self-examination of how we do our jobs, because getting it wrong or exaggerating just is not an option.”

Addressing Trump, Van Susteren reportedly said: “You have a powerful platform, but it is dead wrong to rev up your loyal base with incorrect, generalized and wide-sweeping inflammatory statements about the entire media.”


  1. The free press is the watchdog of the people…not the lapdog of politicians.

    • Right you are Tim. The press is SUPPOSED to be there to report the malfeasance of our “legislators” and to take them down when they’re crooked.

  2. But – they are supposed to be equally vigilant of all politicians, not focused on trying to destroy everything that does not support the Democrat liberal agenda. The major media has lost their journalistic integrity and it may take a generation to get it back. It will never come back with people like Gretta defending the media. Journalists must “clean out their own swamp” before trying to tell the American electorate what they should do.

  3. There is a difference between fake news and stories you don’t like getting more attention than you want. Trump’s complaints about fake news are mostly stories that bring more attention to his staff’s screw-ups as well as his own. He wants the press to only cover the stories that make him look positive – like the stock market and his campaign-style rallies. If it isn’t something positive it is fake news! He didn’t say fake news when the guy who was at the front of the line for his Florida rally appeared on almost every news channel while waiting in line; and then that same guy “just happened to be at the front of the stage” so he could pull him out of the audience. Or when that same guy showed up on Sunday and Monday news shows. That was all legitimate news.

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