Nicole Kidman Roasted on Social Media For Clapping Like the Grinch

Feb 27, 2017  •  Post A Comment

On a night of serious screwups at the Oscars, actress Nicole Kidman emerged as one of the most talked-about — and widely mocked — memes from Hollywood’s biggest night.

The New York Post’s Page Six reports that the actress — a four-time Academy Award nominee and an Oscar winner in 2003 for “The Hours” — is taking a beating on social media for what many observers say is her “Grinch-like” clapping during the ceremony.

Wrote Twitter user Chris Higgins: “Has Nicole Kidman never seen anyone clap before?”

The U.K. publication The Telegraph quotes a tweet from Luck o’ the Parrish saying: “Nicole Kidman forgot how to clap in the middle of clapping.”

Others on social media came to Kidman’s defense. The Twitter account @OKCTuxiecat posted this explanation: “People making fun of Nicole Kidman’s clapping have obviously never worn rings on both hands that could break or pinch when clapping.”

Judge for yourself — below is a sample posted by The Telegraph …


  1. O.K. I’ll take this over “cackling” like Hillary ANY DAY !!!

  2. Dear Sir William, Please help me understand the purpose of bringing Hillary into this conversation? Trump won the election…which is now history. He is President. To this point I would like to suggest that it’s time for everyone to let go of the past and focus on current and future matters of greater importance? As for those who mock Nicole Kidman on social media, I imagine they must all be flawless human beings. Respectfully, Alan

  3. I dare say that Sir William was trying to be funny…trying. However, I am sure that I speak for the majority in that I am sick of the Hillary bashing at this point. Give it a rest people. Trump won and we all have that cross to bear for the next four years (hopefully). Other countries that hate America are laughing and happy that partisan politics have once again torn this country apart. This leaves them plenty of opportunities to do real damage knowing full well that large portions of U.S. citizens think the enemy is the Right or Left.

  4. Sorry Tim, you don’t speak for the majority. You, and I and everyone else, speak only for ourselves.

  5. All while the stock market sets record after record and we keep counting our money.

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