Nintendo Could Be Back in Gaming Big Time With Its Switch, After the Disappointment of Its Wii U

Feb 24, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Nintendo is readying to launch its edgy, millennial-focused new home/mobile hybrid entertainment platform and game console, Switch, on March 3. With a $299 price tag, the unit could be a game changer.

“The novelty of a mainstream gaming system that goes wherever you do feels gravitationally irresistible,” Matt Peckham writes in Time magazine. “You can get why it exists by observing what it does, a feat that’s true of little else in the games industry.”

Peckham adds: “There’s certainly none of that confusing ‘Which screen do I eyeball now?’ business per Nintendo’s Wii U. Drop Switch in its cradle, count to three, and it’s on your TV. Pull it out and it’s in your hands. Decouple the Joy-Con controllers from its sides, pop the rear kickstand and it’s on a table (or seat-back tray), your hands free to roam anywhere like creatures loosed from their cages.”

Peckham also points out: “It’s important to note how durable and substantial Switch feels, an unostentatious but strangely beautiful carbon-black slate that’s like a blue collar version of an Apple product — all the same ‘magical’ design elegance, none of the pretension.”

Click on the link to Time near the top of this story to read the rest of Peckham’s piece.

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  1. At $299 it better compete with Sony and Xbox on delivering non-gaming apps like Amazon, Netflix, HBO, Showtime, ESPN3 etc. Otherwise it is just an expensive toy.

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