Poll: What Clinton Supporters and Trump Supporters Do When Awards Shows Become Political

Feb 22, 2017  •  Post A Comment

With the Academy Awards ceremony coming up this Sunday, a new poll finds that the awards season, like so many other things in today’s world, has become politicized.

The survey by The Hollywood Reporter and National Research Group reveals big differences in how Hillary Clinton supporters and Donald Trump supporters feel about awards shows — and in particular, how they feel when those shows get political.

The survey “reveals that two-thirds of Trumpsters have turned off their TV sets because of an actor giving a political speech at the podium, compared to just 19 percent of Clinton voters,” THR reports.

THR adds: “Even if they don’t hit the off button, 44 percent of Trump voters find awards speeches ‘too political’ while Clinton supporters want more politics at the Academy Awards; 43 percent say they want winners to reference Trump’s temperament in their speeches (compared to 8 percent of Trump voters), 39 percent would like more discussion of women’s rights at the Oscars (8 percent for Trump voters) and 34 percent would like more talk about Trump’s seven-nation travel ban (7 percent for Trump voters).”

The report notes that 68% of Trump voters indicate they “dislike” political speeches at the Oscars, vs. only 23% of Clinton voters.

We encourage readers to click here to go to THR to see the full report, which features a breakdown of the survey results in a series of graphics — including which Best Picture nominees are favored by Trump voters vs. Clinton voters.


  1. When they mention that the Russians meddled with the election will someone point out who won the popular vote? If Russia did meddle who was getting the benefit?

  2. This is a survey that really should be pretty obvious — those of us who supported Clinton don’t mind the politics because it will mostly match up with what we believe, whereas those who supported Trump expect that the politics will be the opposite of what they believe so they resent it.

    No rocket science here.

  3. How about those of us who just want to see in the award shows without any politics, just because we want to see an award show. I could care less what actors and musicians have to say politically, as long as it’s not at an award show.

  4. Entertainers believe their celebrity status automatically makes them wise! These are people that in general repeat the words somebody else wrote – that somebody else instructed them how to say – wearing makeup and clothing somebody else put on them in a space somebody else designed!! They are the most phoney group of people on the planet. We pay them handsomely to entertain us – that’s it. If we want to be lectured to on politics, humanity or science we will seek out experts, not entertainers. If half the consumers of the entertainment these people provide stopped buying that product, the glamour and glitz of the awards would certainly be less as would the paychecks of everyone involved. Entertainers listen up – stop believing your own press releases!

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