Washington Post Offers a Theory About Why Trump Is Fixated on Schwarzenegger — and It’s About Ivanka

Feb 2, 2017  •  Post A Comment

The Washington Post provided a theory today about why Donald Trump appears bent on tearing into Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was hired by NBC to take over Trump’s old job as host of “Celebrity Apprentice.” As we reported earlier today, Trump seized on the opportunity at this morning’s National Prayer Breakfast to rip Schwarzenegger over his show’s ratings.

“Why does the leader of the free world care so much about a guy who starred in ‘Kindergarten Cop?,'” The Post asks. “Here’s one ‘Rosebud’-like possibility for Trump’s obsession: Trump badly wanted his daughter, Ivanka, to take over the job hosting ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ after NBC severed ties with him following his campaign-trail comments about Mexican immigrants, according to one person who spoke to the president about the matter.”

The Post’s source said Trump thought Ivanka, who had been on the show along with her brothers Eric and Donald Jr., would be the ideal choice for the new host.

“Telegenic and poised, Ivanka Trump, who until recently was the executive vice president of the Trump Organization, has frequently been the public face of the family brand,” the report notes, adding: “It may be that Trump never got over the network’s decision to go with another host — and seems to be taking it out on their choice.”

The Post also notes that the Schwarzenegger feud gives Trump a chance to remind people about the show’s higher ratings when Trump was hosting. And there may be yet another reason for keeping the beef in the spotlight: “He remains an executive producer of the show, an arrangement that could mean he is still drawing a paycheck whose size would depend on the show’s success.”


  1. It’s amazing how far the Washington Post has fallen.

    I guess they’re just anxious to have to retract even more stories.

  2. Washington Post and New York Times are Fake News papers just like CNN

    • …But do you really know Jack?

  3. Or – the exec producer is genning up viewership the same way boxing matches and football rivalries do! “Are you ready to rumble?”

  4. Have you watched this show? Trump was never mean. AAS is. He is vindictive – John Lovitz -and Rude- these people are playing for charity and his questions to the shows celebs are so obviously rehearsed. Shame NBC did not see what a gem of a show this is and how good it was for young aspiring business majors to watch. It would have been better with any of the Trump children including Barron. Shame. Once and done for AAS.

  5. This show has lasted beyond its shelf life. #EndItNow

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