Creator of the ‘Missing Richard Simmons’ Podcast Shuts It Down — But Not Before Offering His Final Theory on What Happened to the Fitness Guru

Mar 22, 2017  •  Post A Comment

The man who has been keeping closer track of the Richard Simmons saga than just about anyone has provided his theory on what happened to the once perky and highly visible fitness icon.

Dan Taberski wrapped up his “Missing Richard Simmons” podcast this week after six episodes, signing off a couple of days ahead of schedule, the Los Angeles Times reports. Taberski “wound up with a conclusion he hadn’t anticipated,” the paper notes.

The various theories about Simmons — and Taberski has examined them all — have included the suggestion that he is transitioning to a woman and a separate contention that Simmons is being held hostage by his longtime housekeeper, Teresa Reveles.

But after Simmons’ brother, his longtime manager and the LAPD all provided assurances that Simmons is fine and is simply taking it easy, Taberski is finally on board.

“Based on all this information, I believe Teresa Reveles is just doing her job,” Taberski told his listeners during the final podcast. “Moreover, from what I hear now, she seems to be doing it well.”

Taberski reflected in his final podcast on the well-known short-shorts character that Simmons had maintained throughout his career. “Where is he?” Taberski asked. “He’s home. Why has he done this? Because he just doesn’t want to be that guy anymore.”

Taberski wrapped on this note: “And who was that guy? He was Richard Simmons. And he was amazing.”

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