DISH Network and Hearst TV Remain in a Stalemate — and It Just Gets Nastier

Mar 29, 2017  •  Post A Comment

The stalemate between Hearst Television and the DISH Network over retransmission fees has stretched to 26 days, with tvanswerman.com reporting that no end appears to be in sight — and in fact, the two sides appear to be digging in their heels.

The dispute “gets a little nastier with each passing day,” according to the report.

Hearst fired the latest salvo, posting a message on its station websites that includes harsh words for DISH.

In the statement, Hearst says: “Our agreement with DISH expired at 11:59 p.m. on February 28. In hopes of reaching a fair agreement, we extended our agreement another forty-eight (48) hours, but DISH refused to offer a meaningful counter-proposal. Nonetheless, our negotiators continue efforts to reach an agreement; however, it remains clear that DISH does not intend to make a reasonable proposal.”

The statement also counters claims by DISH that Hearst wants an unreasonable fee increase. “The increase we are seeking is completely in line with what other providers are paying us and is certainly not double what DISH was previously paying,” the Hearst statement says. “This amount is a fraction of what DISH charges viewers to watch our programming.”

The statement also says DISH is responsible for 60 percent of industry blackouts in programming fee disputes, according to the report.

DISH has not yet responded.


  1. Dish and Direct should ban together and fight the network. This is ridiculous

  2. I’m so sick of Dish Network taking to long to negotiate with Hearst Television Stations. This is just ridiculous!

  3. Sorry Hearst but I’m not buying it. For one, your analogy of selling water doesn’t make sense because the issue is not what Dish is charging us but what you are charging Dish. They are not “rebroadcasting video.” It is free over the air. They’re simply taking that signal and making it better. You’re being greedy and hoping we’ll use Hulu. Sorry, not gonna happen. I’m watching other shows on other channels…there are lots of them by the way. Enjoy your lost ad revenue.

  4. I’m with AP. Also, the ads are more likely getting to more eyes which should turn into more revenue.

  5. It was Hearst’s decision to pull their programming from Dish subscribers when Dish wouldn’t roll over, not the other way around. The implication that other cable and satellite providers are OK with constant fee increases explains why on average their customers pay more for service. Their willingness to fold in negotiations hurts the entire industry and in turn, every pay TV customer.

  6. It is obvious that Hearst is behind the stalemate. Hearst doesn’t care about Dish as they stand up for it’s subscribers and hope people leave Dish so Hearst can remain a powerhouse. Time for everyone to contact Congress to change the antiquated laws on retransmission.

  7. I agree it was Hearst that pulled the programming, and all of their stations are the major networks which produce FAKE NEWS anyway, so I am inclined to believe DISH on this deal Hearst is the STALEMATE. If HEARST is so sure it is DISH then show DISH what Direct TV and the cable providers are paying as DISH has said they are willing to pay the same as Direct is. Hearst if you are going to talk the talk then walk the walk.

  8. Look, people, they are BOTH greedy multi-million dollar companies who have US, the paying public hostage…..
    Yea, they say you can use an over the air antenna, BUT I can’t get ABC that way where I live.
    Put it back on the air and when you Children stop fighting and agree, then settle up.
    Stop using US as bargaining chips.
    You both going to lose in the end
    Pissed off in Maine

  9. yes over the air antennas only get so many stations. I am hoping whenI get one tbar I am able to get wmur 9 in manchester nh. I tried those small antennas that say you can get up to 150. miles away but it is not true. I only got 4 stations and all were educational. Both sides give up before congress kills it.

  10. I am planning to drop dish, I miss channel 4 and ABC

  11. Dish has refused to negotiate. They simply prefer to compare their service with Direct TV. Their ominous ridiculous lies on their 24/7 broadcasts on Wesh 2 channels lie about their supposed effort to save customers money when Dish has raised prices yearly regardless of Hearst. Dish offers no incentive to remain a customer, bills for Wesh 2 regardless of issues and lies over and over re customer service. It is time that Dish pay their fair share, not customers and replace NBC to their airways. Perhaps Dish is a now spolesman for Trump, and will tweet out more lies Bye bye Dish lies.


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