Disney CEO Digs In After Being Urged to Step Down From Trump Panel

Mar 8, 2017  •  Post A Comment

When Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger spoke Wednesday at the company’s annual shareholders meeting, he defended his participation in Donald Trump’s financial advisory panel, Variety reports.

After being urged by a number of speakers to step down from the panel, Variety reports, Iger argued that his involvement provides him with an opportunity to bring “adversarial” positions to the group advising the Trump administration.

The report quotes Iger saying: “I think there is an opportunity for me to express views that I think … are of value to the company and its shareholders.”

“He added that he expected to take positions ‘adversarial to the view of the administration’ on a number of issues, including immigration, adding ‘it’s not an endorsement of the new administration,'” Variety reports.

The report notes that speakers at the gathering, taking place in Denver, indicated they had gathered more than 500,000 signatures on petitions calling for Iger to quit the panel, with some mentioning the possibility of Disney boycotts over his involvement.

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  1. Finally someone is accepting that we have to work with him over the next few years, whether we like it or not. It is a lot easier dealing with a guy like Trump when you look him in the eye. He is a negotiator. He has promised changes but the outcomes can be negotiated by sensible people like Iger.

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