Is This Really a Thing Now? Hulu Launches a New TV Service for People Who Don’t Have the Time or Attention Span to Watch TV

Mar 31, 2017  •  Post A Comment

A new service introduced today by Hulu promises to let viewers watch episodes of their favorite TV shows in 8 seconds or less — and whole seasons in under 5 minutes. However, some of the details seem pretty sketchy.

The new service is called “Hu,” and comes with the concise tagline “We Are Hu.” It’s billed as “the fastest way to watch your favorite shows.”

Since Hulu sent out a detailed press release about the new service, along with a promo clip, we’re tempted to believe it’s a real service. However, we also are aware that April Fools’ Day is tomorrow, so you may want to decide for yourself whether this is really a thing now.

“Drawing from its vast trove of viewing data, the company has developed a patented formula to condense the most popular TV content of all time into bite-sized episodes that are perfect for today’s busy, modern lifestyles,” Hulu says in its press release. “TV fans who wish they’d watched every episode of hits like ‘Seinfeld,’ but did not have the time or attention span to make it through, can now binge watch some of the greatest series of all time in only minutes on Hu.”

The service’s web page, hulu.com/hu, shows brief clips from “Seinfeld” along with a variety of shows including “The Mindy Project,” “Casual” and “Shut Eye.” Hulu subscribers can get right into it while non-subscribers are encouraged to start a free trial.

“The launch of Hu marks a revolution for the golden age of television,” Hulu says in the announcement. “Hulu’s team of engineers developed the new service based on recent scientific research that proves that there is too much TV these days, and people generally lose concentration after eight seconds — just like goldfish.”


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