One Evening News Anchor Is Going After Trump Harder Than the Others

Mar 7, 2017  •  Post A Comment

One of the three anchors on the major broadcast network news programs has moved to the head of the class when it comes to sharp critiques of the Trump administration, according to veteran television writer David Bauder.

Bauder reports for the AP that “CBS Evening News” anchor Scott Pelley is emerging as a “blunt evaluator” of Trump’s presidency.

“After Trump’s claim of underreported terrorist attacks last month, Pelley said on his newscast that ‘it has been a busy day for presidential statements divorced from reality,'” Bauder writes, adding: “He was just getting started.”

Bauder lists a number of examples of Pelley’s assessments of Trump, including this one that Pelley offered on the broadcast following Trump’s address to Congress: “Some of the problems Mr. Trump promised to solve last night don’t actually exist.”

Bauder notes: “The one-liners are sharp in a way that’s unusual for the evening news, and they set Pelley apart from his rivals, Lester Holt of NBC’s ‘Nightly News’ and David Muir of ABC’s ‘World News Tonight.'”

Adds Mark Feldstein, a journalism professor at the University of Maryland: “It’s striking because it’s such a departure from the traditional norm of objectivity that serious news anchors have always gone for over the last few generations.”


  1. So much for Unbiased reporting. Uncle Walter is rolling over in his grave…

    • You might be to young to remember “Uncle Walter” closing his broadcast with the fatalities and death toll in Vietnam

      • Oops — too young that is

    • Sorry “Cynic,” but “Notsoanonymous” is right. Except that Uncle Walter wouldn’t have been so circumspect about it, and would have called his statements exactly what they are, lies. Walter Cronkite would have been so appalled by Trump’s behavior, I doubt he would have been able to conceal his contempt for someone who had reduced the office of the Presidency to such a contemptible level. Trump has diminished the image and perception of the United States so badly that it will take many years to recover. Not only is he weak and naive in his perceptions of himself and others, he is becoming so divorced from reality that other countries will have a hard time negotiating with him in good faith. His perceived reality changes so much from day to day that it’s quickly becoming impossible to tell what universe he inhabits. While such capriciousness my be acceptable in someone who runs a family owned enterprise, it is extremely serious, and potentially lethal, in a President.

  2. Fantastic truth-telling. Keep at it, Scott, and go harder. Excellent work!

  3. Biff, Biff, Biff,…..Truth is a stranger to Pelley. It started with slanted stories on 60 Minutes and it’s carried over to the anchor desk. This is not a coincidence. Pelley’s higher-ups are encouraging this biased reporting as CBS and Pelley’s broadcast is a distant 3rd place behind ABC and NBC’s nightly news shows. Gotta stir up some interest (relevance) somehow don’t they?

  4. Mainstream media including Mr. Pelley have been wrong about everything ‘Trump’ since the day he announced his candidacy. The next two years chronicled the demise of journalistic integrity to a point that major ‘liberal’ newspapers are suffering, network news is spiraling to a crash landing and people think Facebook is a news source! The dumbing down of the liberal voter is absolutely the result of bias liberal reporting. Fortunately more and more Americans (read enough) have seen through the liberal propaganda and voted to change direction of the country. But – – liberal mainstream media and their Democrat minions are not happy that they lost the White House, almost all Governorships and state legislatures, and both houses of government in Washington. The country has spoken but liberals won’t listen! Instead they want to disrupt and destroy everything the Republican majority tries to do to repair the nation. Someone said earlier this week the if President Trump walked across the Potomac the media would report that he didn’t know how to swim!

  5. Scott and CBS should be ashamed of themselves for harsh criticism of an obviously mentally challenged person in Mr. Trump. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, you guys are breaking Federal Law.

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