Shakeup on NBC’s ‘Tonight Show’

Mar 30, 2017  •  Post A Comment

“A shakeup is going on behind the scenes of NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,'” The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed reports. “The late-night talk show’s longtime head writer A.D. Miles is leaving his post after eight years of working with Fallon. Sources say he’ll transition over the next few weeks.”

Miles, 45, reportedly wants to return to narrative writing and acting. “Prior to his work in late-night, Miles played various comedic roles, most notably portraying Gary in ‘Wet Hot American Summer,'” THR notes.

Miles will be moving back to Los Angeles, and reportedly has an animated feature in the works with Fallon.

In a statement released Wednesday, Miles said: “Riding Jimmy Fallon’s coattails for the past eight years has given me all the confidence I need to strike out on my own and work on a movie with Jimmy Fallon.”


  1. Hi Jimmy – there is a poster hanging in the NBC studio of “My Brother My Brother and Me. I was wondering if you could get your hands on it and mail it to me so that I can surprise my son, Sam Barsanti with it. You see, he writes for the AV Club/Onion and the show asked if they could use his review/critic and part of it is written on that poster. That was the highlight of his career when he got that question. I know this is a stretch but I have seen you do some pretty remarkable things on your show and hope you can pull this one off. Thank you so very much. Dawn Barsanti, 211 Chasse Circle, St. Charles, IL 60174 – what can I say, I’m an optimist!

  2. I used to like the show with Jimmy Fallon, but his constant ridicule of President Trump is getting old and boring. I think he is better then that and there is more material and events that he could make fun of. Why does he want to constantly undermine what the President is trying to do, all he is doing is instilling more distress in our nation.

  3. Come on Caren. Jimmy isn‘t making fun of the POTUS. He can take care of that himself. Jimmy‘s just pointing at the weak spots, so‘s us simpler folks know.

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