Today’s Must Read: President Trump’s Interview With Time Magazine About Truth and Falsehoods

Mar 24, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Donald Trump gave an in-depth interview to Michael Scherer, Time’s Washington bureau chief, much of which was focused on Trump’s handling of truth and falsehood throughout his career.

One interesting exchange happens when Trump says Time magazine “treats me horribly, but obviously I sell, I assume this is going to be a cover too, have I set the record? I guess, right? Covers, nobody’s had more covers.”

Scherer then tells him: “I think Richard Nixon still has you beat. But he was in office for longer, so give yourself time.”

To which Trump replies: “OK good. I’m sure I’ll win.”

The interview covers high-profile issues such as Trump’s claims that he was wiretapped by Barack Obama and his assertion that 3 million undocumented people voted in the presidential election.

Click here to read the full interview.


  1. You should see what that interview looks like with all of the debunked “alternate facts” redacted. It’s depressing.

  2. Read the full interview. Try as he might Michael was not able to get his negative presumptions about President Trump across. In fact he was blindsided because he did not know about corroborating information regarding the surveillance on President Trump’s team by the Obama administration. Worth the read.

  3. It IS worth the read. But as you and I know “Reality Check” people like Scott Gilbert read with blinders on. He only processes what he WISHES to believe. Any other logic, he tosses in the wastebasket.

  4. “Reality Check” is a joke. Just look at his ridiculous comments here on TV Week over a long period of time. We’ve all learn to laugh at him even before we’ve read his dishonest nonsense. It’s too bad that the comments section of TVWeek is plagued by the presence of this jerk.

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