What Megyn Kelly Plans to Do on NBC That She Didn’t Do on Fox News

Mar 10, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Megyn Kelly has something much different in mind for her new job on NBC than what she was doing on Fox News. The New York Post’s Page Six notes that NBC’s plans for Kelly have been “shrouded in secrecy,” but the publication cites sources saying Kelly wants to get away from the confrontational style of program that was part of the culture at Fox News.

What Kelly reportedly has in mind at NBC, where her deal is said to be worth between $12 million and $15 million, is something more along the lines of Oprah Winfrey’s longtime role on daytime TV.

“There was a lot of tough news to report on her show at Fox News,” a source told the publication. “A lot of combative interviewing, going after people. Doing that every night was difficult. Megyn feels she has more to offer. She wants to help people the way Oprah did, and do something more positive.”

The report notes that Kelly remains under contract with Fox News until July 1, and can’t be in production meetings until then. NBC, which hopes to have her on the air in September with a live studio audience in either the 9 a.m. or the 10 a.m. hour, is reportedly trying to convince Fox to release her early. Meanwhile, NBC is also interviewing for an executive producer for Kelly’s show.

The source adds: “She’ll be focusing on issues and bringing in real people as well as celebrities. Plus, she has a sense of humor and she wants to use that.”


  1. The first thing I thought, when I saw the headline was, “Tell the truth?”

  2. I heard a rumor that She is taking “day’s of our Lives” spot…hope that isn’t true, although I do like Her, hopefully She’ll be placed at nother time slot…Day’s is Day’s, and I would hate to see it bumped…been watching it for 50 years….

  3. I honestly think megyn. Is going to be great. On tv. She is beautiful and smart. I loved her on fox watched it everynight wish. Her goodluck i will watch her all the time linda. Marsella

  4. I’m curious so I’ll watch her first few shows…I’ve never watched her before…

  5. Glad she left Fox because I would not watch her. She was taking up precious air time. Also, she hated Trump. She deserved the backlash from Trump.

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