Why Disney Is Suing the Makers of Edible Cake Frosting — ‘Unauthorized Kitsch’?

Mar 24, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Let them eat cake — but not if the frosting is in violation of any Disney copyrights. The Hollywood Reporter’s THR, Esq. reports that Disney joined forces this week with Sanrio to file a lawsuit against Michigan resident George Wilson, who the companies say is creating cakes bearing their intellectual property.

The complaint accuses Wilson’s business of selling “unlicensed and counterfeit edible cake frosting sheets and related items, which incorporate unauthorized likenesses of animated or live-action characters or other logos.”

“The complaint isn’t particularly specific, but Disney and Sanrio note they have created such characters as Hello Kitty, Luke Skywalker, Iron Man and Captain America,” THR reports, adding that the suit is being handled by J. Andrew Coombs.

“Some intellectual property lawyers specialize in pursuing typeface font infringement while other attorneys appear to have identified graffiti infringement as the next great legal hot zone,” THR notes. “Coombs handles lots of cases in the area of unauthorized kitsch. In the past, he’s represented studios over unlicensed cellphone charms, pet paraphernalia, party goods and supplies, vinyl bracelets, and more.”


  1. Sure, Disney, screw up birthday cakes for kids who are such big fans of yours, that their parents buy birthday cakes with the kids’ idols on them.

    Exactly WTF is wrong with you?

  2. It may seem ridiculous on the surface, Disney must protect their copyrights.If they don’t, they can lose those rights. All the person has to do is license the images and no problem.

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