Why Fans of a ’70s TV Show Already Hate the Movie Version — and It Isn’t Even Out Yet

Mar 22, 2017  •  Post A Comment

The feature film version of a popular 1970s TV series is generating hate among the show’s fans even before the movie comes out.

“Hardcore ‘CHiPs’ fans hate it and the real California Highway Patrol seems not quite sure what to make of it,” the AP reports. “But Larry Wilcox, who rode his motorcycle to everlasting fame in the old ‘CHiPs’ TV series, says that for now, he’ll give the benefit of the doubt to ‘CHIPS,’ the forthcoming film based loosely — very loosely — on the show that made him and Erik Estrada two of the biggest stars of the 1970s and early ’80s.”

The report quotes Wilcox, who played Officer Jon Baker opposite Estrada’s Frank “Ponch” Poncherello on the TV series, saying: “I have not seen the film but the trailers looked like a soft-porn version of ‘Dumb and Dumber.’ However, I hear the actors are both very talented and funny, so maybe it all works.”

“CHiPs” fans, meanwhile, have been blowing up social media with hate messages since the movie’s first trailer surfaced.

“In a lengthy ‘open letter’ to Dax Shepard, Sue Walsh of New York accuses the film’s writer, director and co-star of mocking the original show with a ridiculous remake filled with nudity, penis jokes and raunchy bathroom humor. (She left out big-breasted women but they’re in there, too.)” the AP reports.

The original series aired from 1977-1983 on NBC. The new Warner Bros. movie, starring Shepard as Officer Baker and Michael Pena as Ponch, comes out this Friday, March 24.

Here’s a look …

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  1. I’m lovin’ it. I disliked the tv version; I am a big Dax Shepard fan. I’ll see it even if it is a bit puerile.

    Beats all these horror/killing/spy stuff out there.

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