Why Fox News Has Pulled One of Its Commentators Off-Air

Mar 21, 2017  •  Post A Comment

A commentator working for the Fox News Channel has been sidelined by the cable network in a tussle over allegations of wiretapping of Donald Trump by Barack Obama. The New York Times reports that Andrew Napolitano, the senior legal analyst for FNC, was pulled off the air.

“Last week, Mr. Napolitano, a former New Jersey Superior Court judge, reported on the morning show ‘Fox and Friends’ that the Obama administration had asked British intelligence to wiretap Mr. Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign,” The Times reports. “The claim was forgotten nearly as quickly as it was stated until Mr. Spicer repeated it in a news briefing later in the week. Mr. Trump then brought it up again on Friday, saying, ‘All we did was quote a very talented legal mind.’”

Fox later denounced Napolitano’s allegation. The Times quotes Fox News daytime anchor Shepard Smith saying on Friday: “Fox News cannot confirm Judge Napolitano’s commentary. Fox News knows of no evidence of any kind that the now-president of the United States was surveilled at any time, any way. Full stop.”

The Times report notes: “Mr. Napolitano did not appear on Fox on Monday, even though there were two news events that normally would have called for his services: hearings involving the FBI director James B. Comey, and the Supreme Court nominee Neil M. Gorsuch.”

It was not clear how long Napolitano will be off the air.


  1. The rumor is that Andrew Napolitano is a former KGB agent and current head of the New Jersey KKK … Hmmmm !

  2. We (Andy and I) lived on the same street and I had cub scout meetings in his basement. When he was 8 years old he threatened me with a lawsuit for climbing the fence in front of his house! I knew from that moment he would be a lawyer!

    • Great…a judge in the making at eight years old. And no doubt beholden to the Mob.

  3. What? Fox News is suddenly concerned with the truth? Oh, duh, the APPEARANCE of the truth….

  4. Fox News (aka “LCD TV” or “Lowest Common Denominator Television”), a purpose-built propaganda machine masquerading as a legitimate news network, has built an empire on spreading false information. The only difference now is that they’re being cited by the POTUS which only serves to expose their dark arts to the light of day.

  5. How long can he be off Fox? How long is eternity? Is that long enough.
    He’s a former judge from New Jersey. What does that tell you?
    LCD TV is spot on, Veritas!

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