Why Some Say Trump Himself May Have Leaked His Taxes

Mar 15, 2017  •  Post A Comment

The unveiling of Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return on MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show” Tuesday night prompted speculation that it was Trump himself who leaked the return.

CNBC reports that Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter David Cay Johnston, who obtained the document by mail and shared it with Maddow, suggested as much himself.

CNBC quotes Johnston, the founder of DCReport.org, saying: “By the way, let me point out that it’s entirely possible that Donald Trump sent this to me. Donald Trump has, over the years, leaked all sorts of things.”

CNBC adds: “The second page of the documents obtained by Johnston [is] stamped ‘Client Copy,’ leading to speculation on Twitter that they may be Trump’s own copy.”

“Johnston said Tuesday evening that Trump has a ‘long history of leaking material about himself when he thinks it’s in his interests,'” CNBC reports. “While that is a possibility, he told CNN Wednesday morning that ‘the anger with which the White House responded suggests’ it isn’t likely Trump leaked his own tax document.”


  1. Last week I read a comment in a publication that said “If Donald Trump walked across the Potomac, mainstream media would report that he didn’t know how to swim”. I have kept that in the back of my mind while digesting every report since and it is hilarious how accurate that observation was. Until media refocuses on facts, reported without bias and leaves partizan fake news, innuendo, supposition and opinions behind – the public trust will never come back.

    • You repeatedly use the word “partizan” in your highly partisan posts, and you misspell it every time. I believe your limited understanding of the word is reflected both in your inability to spell it correctly and in your failure to recognize that your own predictable, knee-jerk comments are among the most partisan found on this website. Somebody is in dire need of a reality check, and that somebody is you.

      • Panama Red – I congratulate you on noticing the ‘z’ but you failed to understand why! See http://darksouls.wikidot.com/partizan and you might understand the intended irony. That is was over your head is not surprising. Also my comments if you review will show only a factual basis and little or no opinion (other in the above case where is think the video, language, intent and delivery to be completely disgusting). Next time you want to engage in a duel of wits, don’t bring an unloaded gun!

        • Why congratulate people on noticing the “z”? It’s not as though it’s hard to notice. Is it because no one but you is impressed by your “intended irony”? As usual, you’ve wildly missed the mark in assessing the situation, and your smug overappraisal of the cleverness of said “irony” is just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re the only one whose head it’s not “over,” the joke’s on you pal. Maybe to get it one would have to put one’s head where yours is, which is way too far up your ass to be interesting to me. To wit, self-proclaiming that all your predictable, closed-minded, inaccurate and entirely one-sided observations “show only a factual basis,” as you put it — that’s OK, I’ll give you some slack as you’re apparently still learning the language — and that the wonderful stream of verbal diarrhea you gift us with on a regular basis, in your limited view of the world, contains “little or no opinion” is an absurd statement and has no credibility whatsoever as that’s exactly what someone like you would say, believing — in error, yet again — that saying so makes it true. You’re just as wrong about your assessment of yourself as you are about your views on the rest of the world — including how loaded or unloaded anyone else’s gun might happen to be. Go ahead now, waste your time and a few other people’s with another pointless defense of your indefensible world view. I know you can’t help yourself, so have at it …

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