Yahoo Getting a New Name — Here’s What It Will Be Called (and Which Top Brass Will Leave the Company)

Mar 13, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Yahoo provided details today about its succession plan as the company’s core search and advertising assets become part of Verizon.

“Yahoo board member Thomas McInerney will serve as CEO and Alexi Wellman will fill the CFO position after Yahoo completes the sale,” MediaPost reports. “McInerney, the former CFO of IAC/InterActive Corp., joined Yahoo’s board in 2012. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, who came from Google, was named the company’s CEO the same year.”

Along with the new owner, Yahoo will get a new name: Altaba.

Mayer will exit the company and will receive a severance package worth about $23 million, UPI reports. Details about her exit were included in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that was released today.

Verizon’s $4.46 billion purchase of Yahoo’s media assets is expected to close sometime in the second financial quarter of 2017, UPI notes, adding that Yahoo Chief Financial Officer Ken Goldman will also depart the company.

“Altaba will become an investment company running Yahoo’s investments in Alibaba Group and Yahoo Japan, along with convertible notes, and non-core patents,” UPI reports. “Verizon, which also owns AOL, is attempting to expand and improve its own mobile and online video efforts. Yahoo has more than 1 billion users, including more than 600 million mobile users.”


  1. What yahoo picked that name? It’s almost as bad as tronc.

    • Because after Yahoo (the company) sells Yahoo (the brand, website, apps, etc.) to Verizon, the company’s biggest asset will be their share of Alibaba. Alternate Alibaba. Altalba.

      This was actually announced months ago.

  2. Ick. They would have been better off with AltaVista. Even AOL is better than a makeup that sound more like an incontinence medication.

    • *made-up word that sounds like an incontinence medication.

      I better go Google typing lessons. Whoops. I mean, “Altaba” typing lessons.

  3. Where in the world did they get that name… impossible to pronounce or remember… who could have possibly gotten excited at the meeting where the new name was introduced? I predict it will become a case study for marketing classes in colleges around the world

  4. It has nothing to do with marketing, Altaba will only be the name of the holding company left over and that’s the last you’ll hear of it…..Verizon bought the brand name and media services, which will remain Yahoo, they will not own the Alibaba investments which will be the remnants of the original Yahoo and its own entity. The name change is NOT the new owners, it’s what’s left of the old ones. The article makes it confusing and sound like the two are the same thing.

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