Battle Over Ann Coulter Appearance Heads to Court Amid Threats of Disruptions

Apr 24, 2017  •  Post A Comment

A planned speaking engagement by outspoken conservative commentator Ann Coulter has been a pretty big headache already for the University of California, Berkeley, and now the legal dispute over the appearance is headed to court.

Coulter tweeted this morning that a lawsuit has been filed against the university demanding an appropriate and safe venue for her appearance, which is set for this Thursday. USA Today reports that the suit was filed by the Young America’s Foundation and the Berkeley College Republicans, who are seeking damages for constitutional rights violations after the university attempted to cancel the speech.

As we reported late last week, the university later reversed that decision and the speech was back on. In originally canceling the event, the university cited safety concerns.

“The UC Berkeley Police Department said they have received notice that groups that previously protested and fomented violence in Berkeley have planned to agitate again at Coulter’s speaking event,” USA Today reports. “UCPD wrote a letter to the attorney representing the Berkeley College Republicans and YAF, which supports the Coulter event, that said the university cannot protect Coulter and student supporters from anticipated violence as no campus venues could accommodate the security threats.”


  1. Freedom of speech , anyone from the left???

  2. People have the freedom to speak, but people also have the right to not to have to listen. So, Berkeley should allow her to speak, but in the proper venue, like a stall in the mens room.

  3. Scott, Scott, Scott, a little thin skinned it appears. Of course in this great country of ours people SHOULD have the freedom to speak. It’s the founding principle of our nation. And at the heart of it, is that people should have the right to voice opinions that not everyone agrees with. Otherwise, why else would “freedom of speech” be such a big deal. It’s a right that isn’t found in North Korea, and apparently, Cal-Berkeley. I for one do not agree with people that march around with plastic vaginas on their heads chanting about their right to kill an unborn child. BUT, I’m not going to show up at their march, with hundreds of people who agree with my sentiments, dressed like Ninjas and threaten them with violence. It highlights the hypocrisy of the left. The college campus that supposedly gave birth to the free speech movement (as if we DIDN’T have that right in our country prior to the 1960’s) now threatens violent protest if someone comes to their campus to express an alternate viewpoint. Cal-Berkeley SHOULD offer a safe venue. ANYONE that comes to their campus, or any other college campus in this country to speak, should be guaranteed safety and security. THAT is standing up for the essence and spirit of “FREEDOM OF SPEECH.”

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