Commentator’s Remark About Donald Trump on CNN Creates a Stir

Apr 13, 2017  •  Post A Comment

A comment by a pro-Trump talking head on CNN got a rise out of other commentators and has been getting a lot of attention online. During a discussion about Obamacare and health insurance, Jeffrey Lord called Trump “the Martin Luther King of health care,” raising the hackles of fellow commentator Symone Sanders in particular.

Here’s the clip …


  1. This guy in general is such a dope.

  2. You know, any time that a white person makes a comment, blacks grow upset. Get over it already…DomLemmon alwaysvgets a pass with his race-baiting “analysis.”

    • Did I actually just read this in the comments section of TVWeek???

      What a sad world we are living in. I actually thought this comment was a sarcastic joke at first, like a sick caricature of what an ignorant racist would say. The only thing that would have made it better is if you started off by saying “I’m not a racist, but….”

    • It’s Don Lemon you dweeb, and “alwaysvgets” is ungrammatical.
      Wise up, bozo.

  3. Don Lemmon always gets…

    • Hey fool, it’s Don Lemon. Spelling isn’t your whole card, but what would you expect from a blue-collar simpleton.

  4. Somebody actually watches FNN, the Fake News Network? That’s amazing.

    • Love it!

  5. Skeptical Observer please research before posting
    Fox news is only place to find most what the president is actually doing
    Check the ratings

    • There are certainly more idiots in the U.S. who not only voted for Trumpy but also watch the dumbed-down Fox “news” and there is nothing “real” about what the so-called prez is doing other than blowing his own horn and trying to keep his hair in place. The whole group is running around in circles with their panties in a bunch simply because none of them have a clue as to how to run the country. What Trumpy is doing is acting like a complete ass who has no idea of how to be “presidential.” He is about as presidential as the Three Stooges.

  6. This was on CNN. The reference makes no sense and it doesn’t matter which side you are on. It just shows that this guy is ignorant and looking for attention by saying stupid things that could get him more attention.

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