Heineken Teaches Pepsi a Lesson

Apr 28, 2017  •  Post A Comment

A new spot from Heineken is being called the antidote to the recent PR disaster for Pepsi, which tried to show how politcally savvy it was by having Kendall Jenner join a protest and seemingly solve some of the nation’s political problems with a soft drink.

Pepsi wound up apologizing for the ad and pulled it from circulation, but you can read more about it by clicking here.

The new Heineken spot, which you can watch below, wades into similar political waters, but in a much different way and with generally well-received results. The Heineken approach is more personal, more stripped-down, and seemingly more reflective of how people really feel.

Adweek compared the two spots this way: “When Pepsi took on our differences, it brought us production value, storytelling and glamour — all that stuff Pepsi (and Heineken) is good at. So there’s a kind of respect in stripping things down and simply creating an environment that cultivates our natural inclinations — not just to distinguish ourselves but to unify. It feels less like creepy money guys on high, fetishizing what matters to us.”

Here’s the new Heineken spot …


  1. Very interesting. I like the approach.

  2. This add works by story telling. You become curious about how it will turn out. The problem with today’s world is people live in silos and on social media. Don’t like what someone is saying? Unfriend them. When you sit down and have a real discussion, you learn that we all have our humanity in common. Then our differences become so much smaller. This is how you engage people. Talk to them. Do not “preach” by telling people how they ought to feel & think, as so many companies try to do in their ads. Pepsi tried to preach, and it failed.

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