How Uber Plans to Make Flying Cars a Reality — and Soon

Apr 26, 2017  •  Post A Comment

“Uber is planning to pour millions of dollars into putting fast, quiet and affordable flying cars into operation — and one of its partners aims to make New York City a backdrop for its futuristic ambitions within five years,” The New York Post reports.

Uber unveiled plans Tuesday to make the commercial use of so-called VTOLs — aircraft capable of vertical takeoff and landing’ — a reality in Dallas and Dubai in time for the Dubai World Fair in 2020, the story reports.

“Speaking on a panel at an Uber press event in Dallas, Rob Wiesenthal, chief executive of the Blade helicopter service, confirmed he is a part of a working group with Uber to explore bringing VTOL transportation to Gotham,” The Post adds.

The report quotes Wiesenthal saying: “We want to bring VTOL to NYC as quickly as possible and we want the public to see them, trust them and try them and hear them. Our goal is in five years that Blade will enable New Yorkers to reduce the time and friction of their commutes on an on-demand basis.”

The report notes that while Uber confirmed the existence of the working group, a spokesperson added: “Uber has no plans to bring VTOL to New York City at this time.”

The Post adds: “VTOLs are frequently referred to as flying cars, but they are effectively battery-operated helicopters — and potentially much quieter and cheaper than the gas-powered kind.”

The cost of traveling by VTOL could eventually be as little as $1.32 a mile, according to Uber.

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