Keith Olbermann Warns of Comeback by Bill O’Reilly — and Explains Why He’s Not a Fan

Apr 25, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Longtime TV commentator Keith Olbermann, who has had a running feud with Bill O’Reilly for years, warns in a new guest column today in Variety that the cable icon is unlikely to be finished with TV simply because he was fired from his Fox News job after 21 years.

And according to Olbermann, O’Reilly could even surface again on Fox.

“If he wants one, he’ll get another show,” Olbermann writes of O’Reilly. “About 15 months ago there was a rumor going around the news business that the younger Murdochs had reached the tipping point with Billo and would let him go, and that just as quickly one of the other cable news operations would pick him up. After the most successful sponsor boycott since the stampede away from Don Imus in 2007, that scenario seems less likely but hardly impossible. Imus himself was back on the fringes of cable within eight months, and two years after that he was doing his same old show on Fox Business Channel. That lasted six more years.”

Olbermann also discusses possibilities for O’Reilly such as starting his own network, moving his act to Facebook or even signing on with MSNBC.

Olbermann, who currently presents the GQ online commentary series “The Resistance,” details much of his beef with O’Reilly in the in-depth Variety column, including recounting a series of personal anecdotes that tend to portray O’Reilly as a bit of a weirdo. You can read the full column on the Variety website by clicking here.

Keith Olbermann (GQ)


  1. Regardless of what you think about O’Reilly, why should anyone care about what Keith Olbermann thinks? This is a guy that has been as unstable as a strong low pressure weather system and most of it is because of his own mouth.

    • Wow
      Why should anyone care about WHAT you think?
      Looks as though you picked up a few of KO’s so called faults? lol
      You speak as though you are him?

      RESIST …. TRUMP the MF

  2. Nice to know Olbermann is still alive. I thought he died from sticking his foot in his mouth so much he chocked to death.

  3. Olbermann is an expert on comebacks. Hopefully, O’Reilly’s comebacks will be just as successful as Keith’s have been.

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