White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer to MSNBC’s Greta Van Susteren: ‘I’ve Let the President Down’

Apr 12, 2017  •  Post A Comment

A contrite White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who has been doing damage control since he blurted out earlier this week that Hitler “didn’t sink” to using chemical weapons, told Greta Van Susteren during an appearance this morning on MSNBC, “I’ve let the president down.”

He also said his Hitler comment was “inexcusable” and “reprehensible.”

“The comments came as part of a pre-planned interview with Van Susteren at a Newseum symposium entitled ‘The President and the Press,'” Deadline.com reports. “The questions drifted to more general topics — the spokesman’s relations with the White House press, the use of anonymous sources — but Van Susteren began the talk by asking about Spicer’s own controversy.”

Spicer has been on what might be described as a public apology tour of news outlets for the past couple of days. Deadline notes that during the MSNBC appearance Spicer “said he was disappointed both personally and professionally by his gaffe, and that the ‘inexcusable’ mistake was ‘compounded’ by the fact that it came during both Passover and Holy Week.”


  1. I’m sorry, but Spicer did not only let down POTUS 45. His comments were insensitive and hurtful to millions of Americans, including myself. What’s worse, he does not seem to understand that he is supposed to have credibility with the American people who are the true bosses of the Administration. We can vote them in and vote them out. On top of that, he called Sheldon Adelson to apologize. Why? (yes, I know, trying to protect a major GOP donor). Sheldon Adelson does not now, never or will represent me. He is not the “King of American Jewry” It also is just one more example of the ongoing systemic problem that Spicer has with actual facts. As an American and a voter, he lost all credibility. And having others try to explain what he meant flies in the face that it is he who is to intrepret 45. He does not get all that. And for that, he needs to resign. Period.

  2. Wow, it must be such a burden to be sooooo perfect and to have never made a mistake or gaffe like that ever!

    • A gaffe? Forgetting that Hitler gassed MILLIONS OF PEOPLE is a gaffe? MILLIONS OF PEOPLE.

  3. Might I point out that Chris Matthews said something similar a couple of years ago? The difference with Spicer is that while he was trying to make the same point–regardless of whether it was a worthwhile point to make–he said it awkwardly and it came out wrong. That’s the gaffe, that’s the mistake. You know damn well he didn’t forget the Holocaust. He just stumbled over his words. We’ve all done something similar.

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