CNBC Airs One of the Most Awkward Interviews We’ve Seen in a Long Time — and Angers Two Baseball Legends in the Process

May 3, 2017  •  Post A Comment

An interview that aired this week on CNBC, which can be seen below, managed to aggravate baseball legends Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter, who showed up thinking they would be making harmless charity plugs and instead wound up fielding questions about a number of sore subjects.

CNBC’s Bob Pisani returned repeatedly to past friction between the two former Yankees, along with A-Rod’s relationship with Jennifer Lopez and Jeter’s interest in owning the MLB team the Marlins. He also managed to mix up the two men’s names.

Both Jeter and A-Rod did their best to derail Pisani’s intrusive line of questions, with Jeter pointing out, “You’re bringing up stories from about 20 years ago.” But Pisani refused to let go.

It’s a little bit painful to watch, but also kind of fun. Check it out …


  1. When will “got-cha” journalism stop being billed as “kind of fun?”

    • I suppose when it stops being kind of fun. Maybe you need to check your ass and pull the stick out.

  2. Put yourself in the place of someone that was asked to do a plug for a charity and then was asked questions about which you were not prepared to answer. Or maybe a good friend (or even a significant other) asked you to come somewhere to discuss some topic and when you got there all they did was “grill” you about some topic that happened in your past. Every person in the world has some topic in their past that they would prefer not to discuss. The people watching may think it’s great that you are on the hot seat but it sure wouldn’t feel great for you. If you enjoy watching other people being blindsided, I hope it never happens to you. It’s not fun.

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