CNN’s Anderson Cooper Grills Trump Adviser Kellyanne Conway on Firing of FBI Director Comey — ‘That Makes No Sense’; Here’s the Contentious Interview

May 10, 2017  •  Post A Comment

CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway got into it over Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, with Cooper commenting that the rationale for the action “makes no sense.”

Here’s the contentious interview, posted by CNN …


  1. No matter when Comey would have been fired there would have been a firestorm. If it had been Jan. 20, there would have been the same accusations plus questions about how Trump could make such a decision his first day on the job.

  2. So true. When you have dems like Maxine Waters and others saying “It’s a constitutional crisis” and “this is worse than Watergate” etc… because Trump fired him, but they turn around and say it would have been O.K. if Hillary fired him you can easily see through all the Faux Outrage. Heck, we have judges saying if Hillary had put forth the “Travel Ban” executive order, with the exact same language, it would have been fine. But Trump?? No Way !!! This is the current insanity we live in.

  3. I have ZERO confidence in this lady adviser to The President of The United States of America! She needs to be fired .. BUH BYE! Wow her persistence is really unbecoming of a person in her position for my country! Major props to Mr Cooper for keeping his Intelligent stance and professionalism !!!!

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