Colbert Reveals His True Feelings About Trump

May 23, 2017  •  Post A Comment

CBS late-night host Stephen Colbert took time off from the Trump jokes and got real about his views on Donald Trump during a live appearance Saturday before a crowd of a few hundred people at the Vulture Festival.

Colbert “described the professional and emotional exhaustion of trying to perform nightly comedy in the chaos of the Trump era,” The Washington Post reports.

“It’s all so petty and venal, and there’s nothing grand about it,” Colbert said. “It’s not Shakespearean at all. It’s ‘Veep.’”

Colbert was interviewed by Frank Rich, an executive producer on “Veep.”

Colbert recounted the painful experience of hosting a live election night special on Showtime after preparing material based on the expectation that Hillary Clinto would be elected.

He said it was some of “the most bizarre live television I’ve ever been a part of.”

Colbert recalled that about 20 minutes into the election night show he had a conversation off screen with a producer who said: “No more jokes. Stop with the jokes.”

Since Colbert’s “Late Show” ratings have surged in recent months, Rich asked whether on some level Colbert might be secretly glad Trump won the election. “No,” Colbert answered. “We don’t approach Donald Trump as, like, ‘What a wonderful, cheesy gravy meal we have for you today.’ ”

The Post adds: “He described the country, under Trump, as on fire. The comedian, in this analogy, was ‘a guy who dances next to the fire and says, “Let’s all admit this is on fire.”’”


  1. In my time I have sat at the helm of two production companies and still marvel at talent that thinks their notoriety conveys intelligence! People that generally only say what others write for them to say somehow start thinking that their paycheck size has a relationship with their brain! Mr Colbert is a perfect example. He is a hack that created a character that many people laughed at – not with! Carroll O’connor created his Archie character with finesse and managed to entertain a wide range of audience. Colbert plays to only the angry losers who refuse to admit their candidate was a tainted, corrupt politician who only cares about her own wealth and power. The country rejected that candidate. Colbert has used his limited mental capacity to figure out how to get his numbers and income up. For that I give him credit. But as a great thinker, politically astute patriotic American – he is a joke, so laugh a little more!

  2. Colbert’s comments are laughable. If Clinton had won, he’d be the same place he was b/4 the election. With a limited audience. He would not have attacked Clinton like he has attacked Trump. Did he do vicious attacks on Obama? Of course not. And his audience was mediocre at best. He has risen in viewers only because of his attacks on Trump. Colbert ought to thank God every day that Trump won. Trump made him a star, albeit mainly with Trump haters. Now, if Fallon decides to go into full blown attack mode on Trump, will Fallon’s former viewers return to him. And then, what if Kimmel goes into full blown attack mode? How will the viewing audience be split? You have seen Fallon starting to emulate Colbert in attacking Trump. He’s just getting started. My guess is he will get even more negative to try to get back his former viewers. And seeing how the 2 of them are drawing viewers, it will be “Monkey See, Monkey Do” time for Kimmel. His people will tell him he has to duplicate the other guys or he will drop so low in the ratings you won’t even know he is on TV. Be interesting how this plays out.

  3. Great comments and insights “Reality” and “Skeptical.” I don’t really understand the whole Trump Derangement Syndrome.” You tune into people like Fallon, Kimmel or Colbert to laugh! To put a smile on your face before you shut out the light and hit the sack. Who could go to sleep with a smile on their face after watching Colbert??? If you’re in the “Hate Trump” crowd, like 101% of his audience is, it would just stir you up. No wonder Barbara Streisand and Lena Dunham can’t sleep. Their head hits the pillow and their mind is CHURNING with angst over Trump. What Colbert, and possibly Fallon if he keeps it up are doing will eventually turn off even their most loyal Trump hating viewers because they’re all going to suffer nervous breakdowns! Human beings just aren’t meant to carry that much hate, angst and bile around 24/7. I’ve got a better idea…turn Colbert and his ilk off and read a good book before bedtime.

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