Hannity Lashes Out at ‘Liberal Fascism’ as Sponsor Drops His Fox News Show

May 24, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Fox News Channel fixture Sean Hannity is lashing out at a media watchdog group he accuses of “liberal fascism” in targeting advertisers on his show, the AP reports. The move comes as one advertiser, Cars.com, has pulled its ads from the show.

The scrape is part of the fallout for Hannity over a discredited story about a murdered Democratic National Committee chairman, the AP notes. Hannity has said he would no longer discuss the story.

“On Wednesday, Hannity sent a steady stream of tweets that targeted Media Matters for America, the liberal lobbyists who a day earlier had posted a list of his show’s advertisers on its web site,” the AP reports. “Targeting a show’s advertisers is a potent line of attack in television; the swift abandonment of Bill O’Reilly’s advertisers last month after the revelation of settlements paid to women to quiet harassment charges was widely considered a factor in his firing by Fox.”

Hannity tweeted that Media Matters was “targeting my advertisers to silence my voice,” and added: “They hope to get me fired. Rush (Limbaugh), O’Reilly, (Glenn) Beck, (Don) Imus and now me.”


  1. Amazing how the AP calls this story discredited, yet there is more proof than of any Russian interference in the election or of any “obstruction” by Trump.

  2. Hey “Bill,” your tinfoil hat is askew. Adjust that. And quit being a liar.

  3. I’m still a bit of a skeptic on why this story has been summarily “discredited.” Since Biff is an “expert” on this story/non-story, could he please explain what specifically has “discredited” this. I haven’t been following it very closely (the Minnesota Twins are in first place in the A.L. Central after all). Usually, my gut reaction to the media overwhelmingly telling me “nothing to see here, move along, move along” gives me pause and makes me wonder why. All I do know, is that the young man’s murder is still unsolved but that the case is not being actively investigated by the D.C. police and that it was “a robbery gone wrong” in which nothing was stolen. I had thought the young man (Seth Rich) had died at the scene, but had heard from somewhere (I’m not really sure who provided the info) that he died at the hospital. If there is one thing about this story that is consistent, it’s that there is NO consistency about what actually happened.

  4. cars.com is a partner company (under Tribune) with the new Sinclair merger …
    its very likely they are pulling out to support Sinclair’s new conservative news
    operation of their own … Hollywood conspiracy is a specialty of mine.

  5. A real man admits to his mistakes, does not blame others for his mistakes, and then goes on to better himself afterwards.

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