Howard Stern Unexpectedly Takes a Day Off and His Fans Go Crazy on the Internet

May 12, 2017  •  Post A Comment

The Internet freaked out after Howard Stern canceled his radio show to take what’s being called a “personal day.”

“The SiriusXM host, who fans claim has never taken an unexpected day off, mysteriously went off the air this week without explanation,” The New York Post’s Page Six reports.

“Stern’s absence, which was announced as a ‘personal day’ on air Wednesday, sparked multiple Reddit threads and conspiracy theories about what could have caused the unexpected cancellation,” the story reports. “The rumors ranged from marital troubles with wife Beth Stern to the passing of one of his parents to legal issues with Sirius after he was sued for airing a woman’s confidential call with the IRS. Many expressed concerns about 63-year-old Stern’s health.”

Some fans said Stern was in a bad mood on Monday’s show, and suggested a connection between his mood and the time off.

The report quotes tweets saying: “I have listened to the #HowardStern show since the 80s… NEVER canceled a show before! I am very concerned about the reason,” and: “Peace and love to my hero @HowardStern, who has missed a live show for the first time ever this morning.  I hope everything is ok.”

The show wasn’t commenting, but Stern is expected back on the air Monday.


  1. Like anyone else, Howard deserves to take a personal day if needed. He addressed it on Wed show and said it was personal. and he would discuss it with his fans at a later date. Like anyone of us he has the right to take a personal day and not advertise the reason to everyone. Howard has built a huge following with those of us who are his fans because of the openness of Howard, Robin and the cast on his show as well as the Wak Pack. However, everyone has the right to some privacy and that includes Howard Stern.

  2. How was this “an unexpected day off” if Stern announced on Wednesday’s show that he’d be off on Friday? ((Click Bait))

  3. He may not take days off, but most of his show, and channel, is just reruns. Including stuff from when he was on free radio. It was one of the reasons I dropped SiriusXM. Howard is still one of the BEST interviewers in the business. The rest of his show is just tired and old. Might be time for him to finally go.

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