More Advertisers Pull Out of Hannity’s Fox News Show

May 25, 2017  •  Post A Comment

The situation surrounding the Fox News Channel show “Hannity,” where a number of advertisers have dropped the show, is beginning to look something like the Bill O’Reilly exodus that recently brought down FNC’s ratings leader.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, more advertisers announced today that they are pulling their ads from Sean Hannity’s show. By midday today, THR was reporting that the list now includes Crowne Plaza Hotels, Cars.com, Ring.com, Leesa Mattress, USAA, Peloton and Casper.

As we reported previously, the bone of contention is Hannity’s reporting on the slaying of DNC staffer Seth Rich.

“While authorities have called the murder a robbery gone wrong, Hannity has been suggesting that the DNC worker might have been killed because he leaked DNC emails to WikiLeaks,” THR reports.

The report notes that conservatives have launched a counter-boycott targeting advertisers who pull their spots from Hannity’s show.


  1. The wonderful, heartening irony — these disgusting conservative liars believe so strongly in the so-called “free market,” and the free market will put these damn liars out of business.

  2. This is stupid. If they applied this same standard to every cable news show–to not advertise if they think the host is pushing a discredited story–they would end up with few shows on which to advertise. Have they listened to the malarkey coming from Rachel Maddow or Lawrence O’Donnell or Don Lemon?

  3. Not censorship driving by left wing groups at all. Right.

  4. @ Biff

    Liars? Please inform us of any politician or network that hasn’t and doesn’t lie. If that is your standard, eliminate all media as it all has lies. Hannity has an opinion about what happened and an attempt is being made to silence his opinion to replace it with… another opinion. If the media and the left believe that Hannity is wrong, prove it. That would shut him up and the left would be correct.

  5. It seems to always come down to right vs left or liberal vs conservative. Why? We are all Americans and Constitutionally allowed to say, do, or be what we want. As long as it doesn’t hurt your fellow citizens. No one will always agree with everything, nor do they have to. When there is a strong disagreement be prepared to deal with the consequences. That is a reality every American must deal with, which is not right or left, it is the FREEDOM of choice afforded to you as an American!

  6. Someone on the Hannity Show needs to publish a list of advertisers who are pulling out. Give us their contact information and then we will mount an effort to let those advertisers know that we, fans of Hannity, will never do business with them again ever. What a misinformed group of marketing dodos.

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