NBC’s Fallon Changes His Tune, Goes Hard After Trump — Watch It Now

May 19, 2017  •  Post A Comment

After receiving criticism for being too politically soft — and losing late-night viewers to persistent Trump critic Stephen Colbert on CBS — NBC’s Jimmy Fallon may be embracing a new strategy.

The host of “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” devoted much of his monologue on Thursday’s show to bashing the president. Here’s the clip, posted by NBC …


  1. Too little too late?

  2. It will be interesting to see how his strategy plays out. Have most of the former Fallon viewers that are anti-Trump, as recorded by Neilson et. al,, already switched to Colbert? If Fallon now becomes more anti-Trump, will the former Fallon viewers switch back to him? Or are there only a finite number of anti-Trump viewers that stay up late and Fallon & Colbert will be fighting for the same audience? Will the total audience for each of them increase or remain the same. Fallon’s numbers have definitely dropped so he may be desperate to try anything to regain his audience. Be interesting to watch.

  3. Fallon’s humor is not angry, vulgar and acrid enough to challenge Colbert. Fallon is a talented “nice guy” which makes him 180 degrees opposite of Colbert. If Fallon were to present a balanced brand of political humor like Carson, Parr and Allen did, his audience would grow because right now all conservatives have to watch late night are two year old movies on HBO!

  4. I will be staying with Stephen Colbert. He is more up on the current events and not afraid to tell it the way it is. I not sure Fallon sees the big picture and maybe a Trump sympathizer.

  5. Fallon sucks. He is artificial and totally fake. Limited talent. His studio set is cheesy and small. And he is an obnoxious shill for all things that are Universal or NBC. There’s a good chance that Fallon will be the most that kills The Tonight Show, once and for all.

  6. I am totally done with Fallon and all the other late night shows. We are forced to watch political adds for what seems like two years before the election and then since the election there seems to be no other news than Trump or the White House. I really don’t care who won, enough is enough!!!!!

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