Trump Muscles His Way Past NATO Leader and the Internet Has a Field Day — Here’s the Video

May 25, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Donald Trump is getting a lot of attention online for a video clip in which he appears to muscle his way to the front of a group of NATO leaders by shoving aside the prime minister of Montenegro.

The incident took place today during a tour of the new NATO headquarters in Brussels.

“In a video of the interaction, the president comes up from behind and then shoves Montenegro’s Dusko Markovic to get to the front of the group of world leaders,” USA Today reports. “Trump then adjusts his jacket.”

“Markovic appears to be taken aback at first, but after seeing that it was Trump, he smiles and pats Trump on the back,” the report adds.

Twitter was buzzing about the encounter. “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling tweeted: “You tiny, tiny, tiny little man.” Seth Abramson wrote: “Yesterday, we had the Gianforte Bodyslam. Today, we have the Trump Shove. To say Trump is unrelated to the coarsening of politics is absurd.”

USA Today quotes a Twitter user writing: “Honestly, the best part is Trump fixing his coat and doing that chin-in-the-air thing he does after the shove.”

Another Twitter user commented: “No silly. That’s just a ‘locker room’ shove. Nothing Trump does is offensive if you put ‘locker room’ in front of it.”

Here’s the footage posted by the AP …


  1. Oh what BS! Anyone that ‘wants’ to see this as a shove will! Look at it 6 more times as I did and it is obvious that Trump was avoiding being backed up upon. If you ever waited tables the earn your way through school you would have learned the touching the shoulder or arm of a person will keep them from stepping on you or dumping your tray. Once again liberal media WANTS there to be more and their celebrity lapdogs just love to jump on. How about some real news like the illegal info gathering of the Obama admin? What about the phony documents Comey was fooled by? If it doesn’t give liberal media an opportunity to bash Trump they won’t report it. And talking about civility in the oval office – what about cigars, blue dresses and abuse of power?

  2. Reality Check must have been blind. It was a shove, as POTUS’s ego overrides decency and respect. As the USA quote nails it, Trump’s chin up look and fixing his coat (the only one that isn’t buttoned based on the video – keep eating those two scoops of IC every night) is the kicker in this. A respectful person would have turned and said oops, I’m sorry. Luckily the President of Montenegro laughed it off so as not to cause an incident. We need to stop making excuses for this man’s behavior.

  3. Maybe Trump just wanted to be at the front because America is the only country in NATO that pays their share. Not the most dignified move but he was elected to shake things up and call out these countries that continually have their hands out.

  4. Let’s put “locker room” in front of the name Reality Check. As regular readers of TV Week know, Reality Check is a pestilential, disgustingly right-wing liar. If Trump or any other crackpot conservative were to take a huge dump in his mouth, he’d defend it.

  5. Biff – please go back to polishing the McFly’s cars! Your vulgar personal attack simply shows exactly who you are! All my posts/comments are factual and reported to offer a counter to the barrage of liberal negative attacks on everything that is not liberal or Democrat. If you challenge what I state, offer real factual information so you don’t keep sounding like an idiot. Hope everyone enjoys a great Memorial Day weekend and remember is used to be called Decoration Day to remind everyone to visit the graves of fallen patriots and place flowers.

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