ABC Faces Hacking Threat

Jun 2, 2017  •  Post A Comment

The ABC Broadcast Network appears to be in the crosshairs of a hacker who has already pulled off a high-profile hack of Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black.”

The hacker or group of hackers known as The Dark Overlord issued what appears to be a threat against ABC today, in the form of a tweet that reads: “American Broadcasting Company may be up next, ladies and gentlemen.”

“The Dark Overlord broke into the network of a Hollywood-based post-production company late last year, and initially tried to pressure that company to pay a ransom demand,” Variety reports. “When that failed, it instead took its demands directly to media companies, publicly threatening Netflix to leak the still-unreleased fifth season of ‘Orange Is the New Black.’”

Variety notes that the hacker has allegedly stolen ABC’s “The Catch” along with Disney Channel’s “Bunk’d.”

In the “Orange Is the New Black” incident, Netflix refused to give in to demands and the season’s first 10 episodes were leaked online.

“At the time, The Dark Overlord also claimed that it was able to obtain a number of shows from ABC, Fox, IFC, and other networks as part of the same hack,” Variety notes.


  1. Silly hacker, thinking ABC’s shows are worth something.

  2. The Catch? C-A-N-C-E-L-E-D

  3. Disney, which owns ABC closed their eyes to the threat against Pirates of the Caribbean which had a great opening weekend. Think they will give a damn. I don’t.

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