Bill Cosby’s Latest Plans Spark Outrage

Jun 23, 2017  •  Post A Comment

In the wake of the mistrial in his criminal sexual assault case in Pennsylvania, Bill Cosby is the focus of renewed outrage for plans to conduct a series of “town halls” on sexual assault.

TheWrap reports that Cosby’s plans, announced by a spokesperson for Cosby, have drawn condemnation from victim advocacy groups along with sparking anger among social media users.

Much of the criticism appears to be focused on the apparent plan to help athletes and other young people avoid being accused of sexual assault, rather than preventing assault itself.

In a statement, Jodi Omear, a spokesperson for the anti-sexual violence organization RAINN, said: “It would be more useful if Mr. Cosby would spend time talking with people about how not to commit sexual assault in the first place.”

Nita Chaudry, co-founder of the women’s advocacy group UltraViolet, spoke out even more strongly, saying in a statement: “Let’s call this tour what it really is: Bill Cosby’s ‘how to get away with rape and sexual assault’ tour. The fact that Cosby, a man who has admitted to drugging women with Quaaludes, would have the audacity to travel the country teaching men how to avoid rape accusations is a disgusting display of rape culture in action.”

Cosby’s plans came up on the CBS daytime show “The Talk,” where Aisha Tyler in particular expressed outrage. You can see her comments below …


  1. Is he going to explain which drugs work the best when trying to get a woman to succumb to being raped?The gall of this is inexplicable. He should be grateful that he is not going to prison and go home and watch reruns of the Cosby Show. Can his ego really be this big that he believes that anyone wants to see or hear him discuss raping women?

  2. I hear that Bernie Madoff will be giving a seminar on pyramid schemes afterward.

  3. cool … a “Date Rape 101” … Professor Cosby teaching our next generation to be perverts as well … he should be on Trump’s leadership team …

    • …or Bill Clinton’s!

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