Classic ‘MythBusters’ and ‘Monster Garage’ Episodes to Be Televised

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Classic episodes of the popular series “MythBusters” and “Monster Garage” will be back on the air as part of Discovery Channel’s “Throwback Weekend.” The event kicks off Saturday, June 17, at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

The network announced today that the event will include all-new footage, with myth-busting masterminds Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage and master mechanic Jesse James on hand to present favorite episodes from the past.

“‘Throwback Weekend’ kicks off with some of the stickiest ‘MythBusters’ episodes of all time as hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage rewind the clocks to two of their favorite duct tape themed episodes,” the announcement notes. “The hosts of the Emmy-nominated series will share new insights, series secrets, and will reveal their top experiments of the 946 tested over the years. Jamie and Adam also respond to viewer questions and comments about the popular myths, misconceptions, and legends tested in the series’ 11-year run.”

“Next up, Discovery speeds back to two iconic episodes of ‘Monster Garage,’ one of the first shows of its kind to transform trucks, roadsters, and cars in a matter of days,” the announcement adds. “How does an armored truck become a mobile dunk tank? How can you turn an abandoned Anglia into a high-speed dragster? Host and car-savant Jesse James will share series secrets, recount epic builds, and reveal what he’s been up to since the beloved series ended in 2006.”

“Throwback Weekend” features:


Duct Tape Power Hour | 7pm ET/PT

Adam and Jamie turn back the clock to their first ever duct tape episode. Includes answers to viewers’ questions and behind-the-scenes insights from our legends of popular science.

Return to Duct Tape Island | 8pm ET/PT

Adam and Jamie return to the adventures on “Duct Tape Island”, using only the tape to survive and provide a means of rescue. Includes all new outtakes from the original show and the answers to a veritable sea of fan mail.


Dunkster Mobile | 9pm ET/PT

Jesse and his team attempt to turn a money hauling armored truck into a crowd pleasing mobile dunk tank, complete with hydraulic doors and a power seat-trigger mechanism in five days.

Maverick Mechanic | 10pm ET/PT

Jesse and his team of maverick mechanics attempt to turn a 1959 Ford Anglia into a Nitro-fueled dragster with racing slicks, original Anglia front wheels and a gigantic nitro-guzzling engine.

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