Critic Rips Wednesday Night’s CMT Awards

Jun 8, 2017  •  Post A Comment

At least one critic appears outraged by last night’s CMT Awards, with the main problem being that the event “felt like one long commercial.” That’s the sentiment expressed by pop music critic Mikael Wood, writing in The Los Angeles Times.

“No branding opportunity was left unexploited,” Wood writes, adding: “A tire company had its name on one of the venue’s stages, while a candy company had its name on another. One award, bestowed on Keith Urban for his skillful deployment of social media, was sponsored by a soft drink.”

The review adds that “the promo-palooza made Wednesday’s performances feel like mere branding exercises too, as when Miranda Lambert did her song ‘Pink Sunglasses’ and you kept waiting for a Ray-Ban logo to loom into view.”

We encourage readers to click on the link above to the L.A. Times to read Wood’s full review.



  1. Television functions by advertising. Even PBS now sells ads. Why would anyone be surprised that there was advertising sponsorships. Has he never watched Olympics, Basketball, Nascar, F1? The revolving ads in the background of any baseball game is certainly more offensive than what I saw on CMT. Watch the product placement in any Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Showtime or other Network programs. This should not be a surprise to anyone familiar with television.

  2. Very True! On the table of Americas Got Talent judge panel sat Dunkin Donuts drink cups. Proudly displayed.

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