Disney XD Unveils New Programming Block

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Disney XD announced plans to roll out a new programming block with an emphasis on the world of gaming. D|XP, a daily summer programming block, will premiere Saturday, July 15, 9 p.m.-3 a.m. ET, on Disney XD.

“D|XP will showcase games, publishers, events and prominent personalities across the gaming landscape including both entertainment gaming and esports,” the network says in today’s announcement. “The television and multiplatform destination — featuring content produced in collaboration with ESPN, Disney Digital Network and its Maker creators, IGN, Attack Media, Warner Bros. Television Group’s Blue Ribbon Content, Banger Films, ESL (Electronic Sports League) and VICE’s Waypoint — is designed to connect with gaming enthusiasts of all ages, with a core demographic of age 13+.”

Marc Buhaj, senior vice president of programming and general manager, Disney XD, said in the announcement: “Gaming is a lifestyle for our audience. This summer, we’re collaborating with leading creative partners in the industry to deliver original programming, access to some of the biggest esports tournaments and leagues, and entry to key gaming-related events. D|XP will showcase diverse storytelling across the video game landscape, and celebrate gaming culture and community.”

The announcement adds: “D|XP will feature original programming produced by Disney Digital Network via its gaming editorial voice Polaris and Digomind Productions including ‘Polaris Primetime,’ a weekly one-hour playthrough gaming and variety show hosted by top personalities in the entertainment gaming world Jimmy Wong of Rocketjump and Strawburry17 (Meghan Camarena), with scripted comedy, skits and guest appearances by gaming personalities including MatPat, Joey Graceffa and sWooZie highlighting a variety of video game genres.

“Also from Disney Digital Network and Digomind Productions is ‘Parker Plays’ hosted by Parker Coppins, star of the popular YouTube gaming channel ParkerGames. This daily half-hour series will feature comedic gameplay commentary on a variety of games. Other popular gaming personalities will be featured in ‘Polaris: Player Select,’ a ‘greatest hits’ compilation series featuring top videos from YouTube stars from Disney Digital Network’s bench of Maker creators, including Jacksepticeye, Luzugames, Strawburry17, LordMinion777 and LDShadowLady. Polaris’ digital channels will also spotlight clips from ‘Polaris Primetime,’ ‘Parker Plays’ and ‘Polaris: Player Select.’

“Waypoint, VICE’s home for video game coverage, will examine how and why gamers play, focusing on the people, passion and politics of gaming. ‘Waypoint Presents’ will cover the most important stories in gaming through in-depth profiles on key players in the gaming industry, behind-the-scenes looks at the creation of games, deep dives exploring the competitive gaming world, and intimate profiles of the people whose lives have been impacted by gaming.

“Other programming includes: ESPN Esports programming that will provide front row access to major esports events; ‘The IGN Show’ — a daily show from IGN Entertainment hosted by Alanah Pearce (Charalanahzard), Naomi Kyle and team that delivers exclusive new game footage, expert gaming tips, and prime coverage from the biggest gaming and pop culture events, executive produced by Wade Beckett and Blair Herter; ‘The Attack’ — a daily variety show with hosts Alex Corea and Erin Steeby, delivering a unique blend of sketch and commentary, executive produced by Kevin Pereira; Banger Films’ coverage of Nintendo’s E3 Splatoon, Arms and Pokkén tournaments, original comedy-driven gaming co-productions with Blue Ribbon Content; and series from ESL including speedrunning and another where professional gamers and amateurs compete against one another.”


  1. Where do these gamers come from? Every player on this show acts like he’s on crack Coke and is a complete moron real gamers do not act or play games in this fashion the games are great games the show is great the people that they hire to play these games are completely sketchy wired up f****** idiots that make us all look bad I don’t understand what’s so entertaining about people being all schizophrenic and loud and obnoxiousif you’re going to make a video game show do it the right way this is absolutely not the right way this is absolutely an annoying and will not attract kids and adolescents this will just end up having low ratings and low views and it’s just plain annoying

  2. Disney XDshow called Polaris player select is a bunch of idiots who talk in the third person when they should be in first person make all gamers look like f****** idiots people wna see the games not hea a idiot high on uppers make idiotic pointless 3rd person gibberish it is NOT entertaining it is obsurvand a waist of airtimeI really hope when Disney buys out Netflix and all the other online movie / show subscription services why is everybody up and out I really hope they don’t have their program created as stupidly as this stupid Polaris XD crap show

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