Juror Says 10 of the 12 Cosby Jurors Thought the Comedian Was Guilty

Jun 22, 2017  •  Post A Comment

One of the jurors in the Bill Cosby criminal trial said 10 of the 12 jurors agreed that Cosby was guilty on two of the three counts, ABC News reports. On the third count, only one juror thought Cosby was guilty.

A mistrial was declared in the case, with the jury deadlocked after about 52 hours of deliberations. The prosecution has indicated it will retry the case.

“The final, intractable votes on the first of the three counts was 10 to two to find Cosby guilty of digitally penetrating accuser Andrea Constand without her consent, the juror said,” ABC News reports. “On the second count, that she was unconscious or unaware during the incident, the juror said the vote was 11 to one to acquit. On the third count, that the alleged assault occurred after Cosby gave Constand drugs or intoxicants without her knowledge, substantially impairing her for the purpose of preventing her resistance, the jury was deadlocked at 10 to two, in favor of a guilty verdict, according to the juror.”


  1. Nice slanted reporting. Jurors were 10-2 in favor of guilty on 2 of the 3 counts. They were 11-1 in favor of not-guilty on the third account. But you would never know it from the slanted headline. TVweek.com knows that the majority of readers only read the headlines. Apparently, TVweek.com wants their readers to think the Jurors thought he was guilty on every count. Bad, biased journalism.

    • What a stupid comment. Guilty is guilty, whether it’s on two of the three counts or all three. The headline is accurate, and the additional detail about the third count is clearly stated in the first paragraph of the story.

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