Road Rage Being Called a ‘Nationwide Crisis’ — and an Upcoming TV Program Will Delve Into It

Jun 29, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Just ahead of a Fourth of July Weekend that is forecast to see Americans hit the road in record numbers, ABC News announced that a special “20/20” report this Friday will examine what the network says is “the nationwide crisis of road rage.”

“Across the country, motorists are yelling, tailgating and fighting with one another over infractions of the driver code, often caught on amateur video,” ABC says in its announcement for “20/20: Freeway Fury,” scheduled for June 30 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

“Correspondents Eva Pilgrim and Nick Watt report on these tense situations and how they can quickly become dangerous and even deadly,” the announcement notes. “In the hour, ’20/20′ travels across the country to embed with the Colorado State Patrol, as it struggles to rid the roads of rage, and interviews the mother of a former New York Jets running back, shot to death in an apparent road rage incident in New Orleans; a Southern California woman in prison for killing a motorcyclist when she hit him with her car; a Denver ‘YouTube vigilante’ confronting drivers whom he considers hazardous; and two young women who had a near-death experience with a serial road rager outside Sacramento.”

“20/20” is anchored by Elizabeth Vargas and David Muir, with David Sloan as senior executive producer.


  1. The real story for ABC 20/20 is the malicious prosecution of Darla Jackson. The biker who died in that accident had a history of road rage and attacking (buobing) random motorists on San Diego highways. The media didn’t report that because Buob was in the Navy and they didn’t want to embarrass the Navy or his family. They wanted to portray buob as someone above everyone else because of his choice of career. They all covered it up for two years making the public believe Darla was the aggressor, the road rager, the murderer. CHP has a number of reports and pictures sent in from buob’s victims. The motorist that buob attacked 3 weeks prior to the fatal accident told CHP that boub was such a danger on the highways that he was going to kill himself or someone else. The CHP ignored. Sure enough 3 weeks later buob is road raging again and he picks Darla to attack this time. (What kind of “man” attacks a woman?) After he kicked her car with his Navy boot while on his bike traveling about 75mph, he knew she would, like his other victims, try to follow him for his license plate. This was the cat and mouse game that excited him. He was ready for another chase.. license plate and face hidden and Ducati set in race mode. He is riding one of the fastest motorcycles. He knows not even the CHP has a vehicle fast enough to catch him. If buob wanted to totally leave his hit and run, he could have left that 4cyl Nissan easily. instead he sticks nearby continuing to torment her. When she gets within distance to see his small, hidden, illegally mounted plate under his seat, buob pulls in front of her for no known reason and abruptly drops speed causing the chain of events that led to his death. The DA charges her with murder after investigators ask leading questions of the witnesses until they all agree they THOUGHT it was intentional. The questioning didn’t stop until they agreed. Even after CHP investigated the accident for months, their scientific analysis indicated it was not a murder but an accident. The DA didn’t have the guts to stand up in front of the public and admit they made a mistake. No, then the malicious prosecution shifts into high gear with the DA even going so far as to fabricate their own accident analysis to dispute multiple state experts. The DA wanted that felony on Darla Jackson and were going to do anything to get it even coming up with their own report and forcing her in to a corner to admit to something she didn’t do. If this case was investigated by the media and the scandalous, unethical tactics used by the DA were exposed, the public would be appalled (not to mention the millions in your taxpayer dollars that they are using to put away innocent citizens). Buob picked Darla to attack. Who attacks random strangers and then puts on a face to his friends, family and co-workers like he could do no wrong knowing he had just attacked a motorist the day before. I don’t care if he was in the Navy for 20 years, he was a freeway terrorist that attacked random motorists, even attacking a woman. There is nothing honorable about that. He set Darla up and he stopped in front of her. Who does that and why? if he was an officer isn’t he supposed to have more control and intelligence? 

  2. Wish the young lady had fought it out in court.

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