Sci-Fi Classic That Inspired ‘Star Wars’ Being Developed as TV Series

Jun 28, 2017  •  Post A Comment

A classic work from one of the most revered science-fiction authors is in the works for what Mike Fleming Jr., writing on Deadline.com, calls a “sprawling TV series.”

“The Isaac Asimov science-fiction trilogy ‘Foundation’ heavily informed ‘Star Wars’ and many other sci-fi films and TV series, but for decades it has confounded Hollywood attempts at a straight adaptation,” Fleming writes in an exclusive report. “I’m hearing that Skydance, David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman are going to try to crack it. Skydance Television is closing a deal with the Asimov estate to try turning ‘Foundation’ into a sprawling TV series.”

The work was originally published as a series of short stories starting in 1942. The complex story tracks the efforts of mathematician and “psychohistorian” Hari Seldon to save the collective knowledge of humanity, which is strewn about the Milky Way under the control of the Galactic Empire.

“Asimov’s trilogy has been tried numerous times as a feature film, at Fox, Warner Bros (with Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne, the guys who greenlit ‘The Lord of the Rings’), and then at Sony with ‘Independence Day’ director Roland Emmerich,” Fleming notes. “Many top sci-fi writers have done scripts. Most recently, HBO tried a series with Emmerich and ‘Interstellar’ co-writer and ‘Westworld’ exec producer Jonathan Nolan.”

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