TV Show Shuts Down Production Over Alleged Sexual Assault Incident

Jun 12, 2017  •  Post A Comment

A high-profile reality television series has suspended production over an incident that’s being investigated as a possible sexual assault involving two contestants on the show.

“‘Bachelor in Paradise’ was shut down because a field producer filed a complaint that Corinne Olympios seemed so drunk the first day of filming she had no ability to consent to DeMario Jackson’s sexual moves in a swimming pool, and producers nonetheless let it play out on film,” TMZ.com reports. “The producer in question believes Corinne may have been sexually assaulted, although we know DeMario claims the encounter was not only consensual … she was the instigator.”

The report cites “DeMario’s version of events,” in which he says he and Corinne began making out at the bar after some heavy drinking. TMZ reports: “She suggested they take it to the swimming pool, where they took their clothes off and began ‘rubbing, touching and fingering.’ He also claims she put her genitals in his face and he began licking. He says he was unable to consummate things because he was so drunk.”

The ABC reality show, a spinoff of the network’s “Bachelor”/”Bachelorette” franchise, has been in production in Mexico. People magazine reports that the producers indicated production was suspended due to “misconduct.”

The People report cites a source saying it is unlikely that the show will continue filming. TMZ notes that Olympios and Jackson were “immediately dismissed” by the show’s producers.

An ET report adds that “there appears to be no bad blood between the two contestants.” ET quotes a source saying: “DeMario was trying to reach Corinne via email, Instagram and Facebook for a few days. Finally, [he] got ahold of her, they exchanged numbers and they’ve been talking. They are both speaking and on good terms.”


  1. So she was drunk, he was drunk yet the producers “let it play out?”

    Sounds like they were filming porn instead of reality.

  2. How is this different from any other season of “Bachelor in Paradise”, or the “Bachelor”/”Bachelorette”?
    This isn’t the first time someone got drunk on the show, and then had sex. If the producers want to avoid this situation, then they should stop encouraging people on the show to drink alcohol on the show. Why are the producers serving liquor on the show to begin with?

    It’s also worth noting that this is the second time DeMario Jackson was kicked off the show this year. The first time was because he had a girlfriend, just before appearing (this season) on the “Bachelorette”.

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